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Best Pirate Crews In Anime

Here is everything you need to know about the best Pirate Crews in anime.

The Straw Hats Work For The Future King Of Pirates (One Piece)

It’s no surprise that the Straw Hats are an intimidating and impressive bunch. Every member of the crew has their special skills and talents that make them unstoppable. It also helps that every member of the crew has their brand of uniqueness, too.

With Luffy’s obsession with meat and Nami’s ability to extort money out of the stingiest souls, this crew is one of the best — not only in terms of strength but also in their ability to win over the heart of any anime fan.

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The Treacherous Talons Of The Sea (Snow White With The Red Hair)

Known to be lawless criminals terrorizing the shores of the country Tanbarun, Umiheibi and her crew are dangerous foes. The crew of The Sea’s Talon has a lust for money and treasure. They’ll do anything, including pillaging and kidnapping people with beautiful appearances or special talents to sell to the highest bidder.

This pirate crew is one of the lowest of the low and one of the most ruthless, filled with talented fighters lacking any sort of conscience. A truly terrifying pirate crew indeed.

Eira & Her Crew (Ellcia)

In a world filled with magic and technology, King Nabuso conquered the continent of Hulk. The only thing that can stop him is the Legendary Ship of God which is sought by his daughter. Determined to defeat her father, Princess Crystal will do anything to obtain the ship.

Although they may be small and a rag-tag group, the crew led by Eira are a force to be reckoned with. Now entangled with the prophecy and the mystical powers of the Legendary Ship of God, Eira, and her crew will do what they can to protect the citizens of Hulk.

Marika & The Crew Of Bentenmaru (Bodacious Space Pirates)

In Bodacious Space Pirates, high schooler Marika Kato suddenly finds herself the captain of the Bentenmaru when her father who she’s never met passed away. Mariko must captain the crew of the Bentenmaru as they take on various jobs and opposing pirate groups.

The crew of the Bentenmaru has Marika’s back. She takes on the responsibility of captain and begins her journey as one of the best space pirates in history.

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Mister & The Crew Of The Coyote (Coyote Ragtime Show)

The pirate crew of the Coyote is an eccentric group of criminals who are known for pulling off the most mind-boggling of schemes. Now, they’re after the ten billion space dollar treasure left by the Pirate King Bruce.

Mister, Franca, and his crew will do whatever they can to obtain it before anyone else. However, despite their criminal acts, Mister and his crew will value their friends and family above any treasure, no matter how out of character that may seem.

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