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Billy Maximoff Recast Revealed for upcoming Disney+ series Agatha

According to a new listing, Marvel Studios seems to have recast the role of Billy Maximoff in a key upcoming Disney+ series.

The moment Joe Locke was cast in Agatha: Coven of Chaos, fans immediately started assuming he was playing Billy, aka the child of Wanda Maximoff. After all, his character was described as “a gay teen with a dark sense of humor.”

Jullian Hilliard, who placed the character in WandaVision previously poked fun at those who suggested he’d be replaced in the future by someone older.

Now, someone’s job listing offered further evidence supporting the introduction of Billy into the MCU, and it won’t be with Hilliard.

Billy Recast Revealed for Agatha

As pointed out by Twitter user Scarlet Witch Updates, a new listing on Actors Access from Jamie Sears suggests Billy Maximoff has been recast.

Julliard Hillard brought a young version of Billy to life in WandaVision back in 2021.

On Sears’ resume, he is listed as the “Teen/Billy (Joe Locke)” photo double and stand-in.

The Direct Image

Joe Locke is the name of the actor who previously boarded the show, with many people believing that he was, in fact, playing Billy.

Since the listings’ discovery, Sears’ role in Agatha has been removed. Marvel has not commented on the matter.

What Does the Future Hold for Billy?

It’s hard to imagine that Marvel Studios wanted this information posted. Hopefully, this poor soul doesn’t lose their job by the end of the day.

Given previous information known by the masses, the recasting of Julian Hilliard isn’t all that surprising.

Fans always assumed that when either Billy or Tommy (or both) were seen again, it would be in their older forms, as it happens in the comics. While audiences now know about Billy, the inclusion of Tommy remains a mystery.

While Jett Klyne formerly played the speedster in WandaVision, if Hilliard was recast, Tommy will almost certainly suffer the same fate.

But what role will Billy play in Agatha’s story, and how will it all connect to Wanda Maximoff, who had supposedly died the last time audiences saw her?

Hopefully, whatever it is, it’ll start audiences on the path to seeing the Young Avengers.

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