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Birds Get Intoxicated By Eating Fermented Berries in Texas


Cedar Waxwings is a species of birds that migrate to North Texas seasonally from late December to April. This time around, they were witnessed behaving unusually by the neighborhood. They were getting intoxicated on the fermented berries.

The residents of the Fort Worth area said that the cedar waxwings seasonally return to North Texas around this time and do no harm to the area. However, this time they noticed that the birds were behaving weirdly after eating fermented berries. The birds were flying into the windows after getting intoxicated on the fermented berries.

Rachel Richter, an urban wildlife biologist with the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, told WFAA-TV, “Because they eat predominantly berries, sometimes they eat berries that have fermented and are a little bit past their prime. Sometimes they tend to overindulge a little bit, which can get them intoxicated.”

The biologist also added: “The cedar waxwings getting intoxicated from fermented berries are actually pretty common. An increase in reports this year is likely the result of COVID-19 keeping people at home during the day when the birds are more active.”

Reportedly, the birds have large livers that can detoxify the ethanol and prevent them from suffering any long-term ill effects from fermented berries.

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