Black Clover Chapter 313 Release Date and Spoilers: Lucifero VS Yami


All the members of the Dark Triad have been annihilated successfully. However, it’s still not the end of the nightmare as devils and monsters emerge in hundreds from the Door of Hell. If you wish to know everything about Black Clover Chapter 313, read more for you’ll find content that’ll soothe your impatience. 

Black Clover Chapter 313 Release Date

The upcoming Black Clover chapter will be getting released on the 14th of November 2021. You can catch this latest chapter from Viz Media and MangaPlus. In Viz, the three latest chapters are available for free. 

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Black Clover Chapter 312 Recap

After the Magic Knights fought three Supreme Devils, we see the Door of Hell opening up at the start of the latest chapter, titled “Before the Door of Hell”. Unfortunately, the emerging Devils from the Underworld are making bad matters worse in the tense Spade Kingdom. 

Morris is in the Underworld alongside Lotus, a fighter who’s not afraid to fight back. Morris observes the arrival of the Black Bull with curiosity and work hard to save Captain Yami and William. 

Black Clover Chapter 312

Ecstatic on seeing the Black Bulls, Lotus believed they could easily defeat Morris. Morris informed them that dealing with them would be intriguing since he’s heard a lot of scary things about them.


There is no dearth of magic in the Underworld, in addition to two Arcane Stage Mages. Morris unleashes his beast claws and it’s clear that he wants to actively punish the adversaries and humiliate them. 

Morris’ Magic is similar to Grey’s, but he is not a member of the Dark Triad. This is evidenced by the fact that Morris used Modification Magic: Operation to assault them. If he touches the Black Bulls, he believes they are finished.

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During the combat, Morris highlighted how the Black Bulls would be at a disadvantage. Grey was aware that Transformation Magic can alter one’s look and instructions prior to landing in the Spade Kingdom. 

Black Clover Chapter 312: Magic Conversion
Magic Conversion

Morris has decided to cast many spells in the hopes that the Magic Knights will not be able to block them all. Mirro Magic: Mirror Brigade is unleashed by Gauche. Morris is trapped by Grey’s clones, who come in large numbers and unleash Magic Conversion.

He employs Magic Gravity: Demon King’s Presence, shattering everything in his path. Towards the end, Gordon arrives at the realization that his Curse Magic has become a source of strength. 

Black Clover Chapter 313 Spoilers

The raw scans of the upcoming chapter will be released 2-3 days before the official release date. It’ll be released soon and once it is, we’ll update it here. 


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