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Black Clover: Magic Knight Captains

The Clover Kingdom has many enemies. Not only do they have to defend themselves from enemies in neighboring countries. Fortunately for them, they have their Magic Knight squadrons to aid them, each one an organization working diligently to protect the country. Here is everything you need to know about the Black Clover: Magic Knight Captains.

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It’s weird to have Rill this low on the list, considering that he was an outcast in his home city. His ability to turn whatever he paints into a spell. And using literally any element he wants for each spell means he has one of the most versatile skill sets on this list.

However, Rill’s strength is already recognized by his being acknowledged as one of the Captains. At the same time, Rill is also lacking in experience, something that’s a necessity in combat.


Nozel is one of the strongest members of the Magic Knights. Asta once estimated him to have roughly the same strength as Yami. He manipulates Mercury with his power, allowing him to have a perfect defense and offense.

It can be used as a shield, a spear, or even as a raindrop. A few times, Nozel even crafted entire creatures out of Mercury. He has one of the best levels of magic control out of all the captains.


If this were done before the most recent arc, Dorothy probably would have come in dead last. She was a complete unknown, spending all of her time asleep Black Clover would pan to her snoozing.

It makes Dorothy the kind of unknown that lets you “know” she’s probably powerful. But after the most recent arc, we got to look at what her power actually is. She has the ability to pull her opponent into a dream world over which she has complete and total control.


As one of the most popular characters in the manga, there’s no surprise that Mereoleona is also absurdly strong. She replaces her younger brother Fuegoleon. She has no interest in actually being involved in politics or the military so she didn’t have the job in the first place.

Mereoleona is one of the first people to show off the Mana Zone. An ability that allows the user to control the mana around them within a specific radius, giving them enhanced power, and strength. And even letting them predict their opponent’s attacks.

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Julius was originally a Magic Knight Captain before being promoted and becoming the Wizard King. He worked as a member of the Azure Deer. Yami and Vangeance were young, they both graduated to become captains of their own squads.

It indicates just how powerful he is considering the Magic Knight. Julius’s ability to manipulate time itself is terrifying enough to place him at the top of this list.

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