BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT: Everything you need to know From George Floyd to Jacob Blake


Racism is not new to America or any other country in that matter. But it has been wreaking havoc on innocent people’s lives in the US. This summer, after the death of George Floyd, people have had it enough. Those who are wondering what happened to George Floyd, you are living under a rock. But, it’s never too late to know and act.


But, here’s everything you need to know. George Floyd, 41 years old, was an innocent black man who was arrested by some officers, allegedly for using counterfeit bills in Minneapolis. The police officer while stopping him pushed him to the ground with his face facing the floor and hands handcuffed and kneeled on his neck for eight minutes ignoring the bystander’s plea and the victim’s plea to take his knees from Floyd’s neck.

It is said that Floyd was claustrophobic and was recovering from COVID-19 and that’s why asked the officers to let him breathe while he was put inside the police car. The officer took this as a sign of resisting and when Floyd pushed himself out of the car or was pushed out of the car (which is yet not confirmed) the officer treated him like a wild animal and makes his face towards the pavement and knelt on him for 8 minutes. Floyd was declared dead, and this incident sparked so much distress in the US.


Protestors started to chant BLACK LIVES MATTER, and the lines began to make huge waves all over the world and were trending everywhere. Celebrities and everyone who could make it to the protests made sure they protested. Which started as a silent protest sometimes very rarely ended up as a violent one with police involved.

Then came the incident of Breonna Taylor, who was killed in her own house when the officers raided her home. Taylor was an innocent African-American medical worker. The incident took place in Louisville, KY. The officers with a no-knock-warrant signed off by a Judge was investigating about a drug gang who were allegedly seen dropping by Taylor’s apartment.

Breonna Taylor

The officers banged open the door and had a brief conversation with Taylor’s boyfriend, who tried to say that there was nothing to check. But suddenly things went out of hand and shots were fired, Breonna was shot and was coughing and for 20 minutes or so the police ignored her and did not provide any medical help. Breonna died, and there were no drugs found in the apartment. This made people furious and gave them even more reasons to fight.

Racism has always prevailed around the world, and so many people are subjected to it every day in and around the world. Killing someone because their skin colour is different or treating someone as criminals because their skin colour is darker or different has to be brought to an end. America saw a massive group of protestors even though nothing big was changed, it was made clear that people are not going to take it lying back and are ready to fight for their fundamental rights.

Jacob Blake

But, looks like the message is not known or heard clearly to this white police officer. Jacob Blake, a father of six, was trying to separate two women who were fighting. The police answered a domestic call and appeared on the scene. Jacob was seen going to his car where his three sons were seated and opening the door and reaching out for something inside.

As soon as the police officer saw this, he shot him seven times in point-blank. The kids had to see this up close, and everything was recorded in a security camera nearby. This incident in Wisconsin caused considerable unrest, and people went back to the streets to protest. Blake is paralyzed from the hip down, and it may take a miracle for him to walk again.


Kyle Rittenhouse

And in an ugly turn of events, some white supremacist who was fully armed came to the streets, self-proclaimed vigilantes. A 17-year-old white boy, who is identified as Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people who were protesting. One died immediately as the bullet went through his head another was shot in the arm and survived, and another was shot in the chest and sadly did not make it.

The officers in all these murders were either just fired or suspended. While only some were actually charged, others just roam freely. Kyle was arrested and charged with homicide, and people are asking the government to make him face trial as an adult and not just a 17-year-old.

This has caused a never before seen protests. Top players in NBA and Pro-Tennis had boycotted their matches. Every human left with humanity in them is joining hands and standing together as these things have to be brought to a halt. As Americans are in their election stage, every celebrity and every influencer are asking the people to vote and finally bring in a government who will put a stop to all of this!

May those dead in the hands of these monsters find peace and Justice prevail soon!


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