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Black Panther 2 will not Digitally Add Chadwick Boseman


Just months after we lost our Wakandan King to cancer, fans are as confused as ever on how Marvel will keep up his legacy.

People Pleaser

While Marvel has always made sure to keep it up in the area of satisfying its audience no matter what they do, this is a real tricky one, given that it’s a matter of delicate handling.

Black Panther set a record for Marvel cinemas by earning more than $1.3 billion, where Disney had just an estimate of $200 million. The movie surpassed so many expectations and even won Oscars, making it the first Oscar for the Marvel company.


His Magic on-screen

Chadwick Boseman: A Journey Through His Films

While most people think it’s because of the nature of the film, being a first full black superhero movie, many, including the director, think it’s because of Chadwick Boseman and his acting that sealed the magic on the film and brought it to great laurels.

Usually, some characters are killed off in the movie, and we make petitions to bring them back. We so badly wish that was the case here too. But it isn’t, Chadwick is no longer with us, but we still can honor him the way the excellent soul deserves.


Marvel’s statement

When speaking to the Argentinian Newspaper Clarin, Victoria Alonso, the executive Vice-President of Marvel, cleared a lot of things for the fans. While most of them are bad news, some are just a little hard to process.

While the VP assured the fans that Boseman would not be added digitally, she also said that there is only one Chadwick. This might also give a hint that they won’t be recasting the role.

But we are not sure how that will work because some fans want Marvel to carry on Boseman’s legacy by recasting the one of a kind role that uplifted many black people worldwide to dream for more.


Keep up his legacy

Robert Downey Jr. and Chadwick Boseman

While some say that recasting it will be like erasing his legacy, we don’t think anyone can erase Chadwick Boseman from our minds. Decades after Heath Ledger’s death, and after so much recasting, we still keep his name alive.

Another bad news we got from her is that Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark is dead for good and has no plans to resurrect his character and that they are done. We know it’s hard to process; just breathe!!!!

Yet to Find a way

Even though fans have been asking for Shuri to takeover, we are still not sure what Marvel has in mind. The same goes with Victoria as she says Marvel is yet to figure out a way.

Even if they did figure out, they wouldn’t tell us anytime soon, so just wait until 2021 when the movie begins filming. Maybe then we can get more scoop on the movie and on who will be the next Black Panther!




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