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Black Widow

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Any fan worth their salt would agree Natasha Romanoff deserves better than this, but it looks like controlling a pandemic is not up to us.

Another Hit for Marvel?

Black Widow has had its release date postponed, God knows how many times. Black Widow was supposed to be the opening sequence to phase 4 by clearing all the doubts about Natasha and introducing the new Black Widow.

It’s safe to say now that nothing went according to plan. If the Black Widow movie had been released as planned, there were chances it would’ve become a massive hit like Far From Home.

Marvel had things planned accordingly, and releasing the Black Widow movie as soon as fans saw the OG Avenger sacrifice herself in Endgame was the best option to keep the hype about the film alive. But the pandemic happened and soiled every plan of Marvel.


Will Black Widow face the same fate as Wonder Woman 1984?

Well, that’s still a matter of debate. With proper logic, you could say that the hype around the Black Widow movie has decreased drastically and that fans are more interested in other films that are being produced for phase 4.

But that’s doesn’t mean that they won’t like the movie. There are chances that Black Widow will deliver what was intended and will do it amazingly as usual by Marvel.

What went wrong?

Wonder Woman ’84, which was supposed to be one of the most awaited movies from DC, was also expected to be a massive hit. Given that its prequel became a huge hit, fans had their hopes high.

But things didn’t go the way Warner Bros. planned, and Wonder Woman ’84 got postponed so often that finally when it was released, the hype had died down. Will marvel also face the same fate?

Well, there are chances of it be true. But with WandaVision creating the needed hype for phase 4, there are also some chances that fans might get hyped up and watch Black Widow.


Bad News, Again?



But it doesn’t look like the Scarlett Johansson movie will catch a break! Recent reports suggested that the film will not be released on May 7, 2021, as planned.

Even with vaccines’ availability, the pandemic, particularly in the UK and USA, hasn’t shown any sign of backing down.

This could mean that the movie theatres won’t be in full capacity by May.

Disney’s UK website has already posted to the movie page about its run time. The movie will be 2 hours 13 minutes long, according to the website.

This could also mean that the movie will be released on Disney Plus like Mulan and Raya with extra cash on Premiere Access on May 7 along with the theatrical release. If that’s not the case, then Black Widow will get postponed once again!





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