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Black Widow Movie To Use One Of The Best Captain America Stories

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The Best Stories of Captain America

The upcoming Black Widow movie will be using one of the best stories of our favorite Captain America. The film will also have the Red Guardian, which is a huge thing. This is because Red Guardian has an association with one of the greatest stories of Captain America.

The story is also amongst the best to ever come out of the Silver Age of Comics. The Red Guardian also used to have somewhat of a rivalry with Cap, which tragically ended in the 1960s.

About Black Widow, The Movie

While Natasha’s character was seen sacrificing herself in Avengers: Endgame, she will return to screens with Black Widow. One of Marvel’s Phase 4 releases in 2020, this solo film explores the story of Black Widow. Also, Cate Shortland will take the helm as director in this movie.

Black Widow is set after Captain America: Civil War and before Avengers: Infinity War. It will also explore the past of Black Widow and her association with the KGB. Moreover, we can also expect to see her meeting with other spies from the Red Room along with her battle with the Taskmaster.

About Red Guardian and Other Details

David Harbour, of Stranger Things fame, will reportedly play the role of the Russian super-soldier Red Guardian. His character, unlike in the comics, is the original version of the Red Guardian, namely Alexi Shostakov.

Red Guardian, in Marvel Comics, was Black Widow’s husband in addition to being a high ranking Soviet pilot. The Russian government faked his death during the Cold War. This was more so because they could then train him secretly to become the Russian equivalent of Captain America. He is also one of the few characters who gain uniqueness in the MCU quite quickly.

Marvel Cinematic Universe and Red Guardian

In Avengers #44, set in 1967, we know that the Avengers had to go to China. They went there to rescue Black Widow, who was under the Russian captivity. Once in China, the Avengers had an encounter with the Red Guardian, whose sole purpose was to prove to them that he was superior to Captain America.

He was successful in proving his worth as a warrior by defeating Hawkeye. He also had a dramatic showdown with Captain America, his ultimate rival, but could not win.

On realizing that Red Guardian would lose, his superiors made a decision to kill Cap themselves. But the Red Guardian did not let them do it. Ultimately, he died a hero while saving both Black Widow and Steve Rogers.

Marvel’s Depiction of Red Guardian

Marvel made a sympathetic depiction of Red Guardian’s character. And this was not only unusual but also quite controversial, considering the time of publication as well as the subject matter. The 1960s was a time when the positive presentation of a Russian character having associations to Communism in comics was quite rare.

The battle between Captain America and Red Guardian still remains a compelling story from the Marvel Comics. And with the exit of Chris Evans from MCU, there are many Captain America stories which will not be presented on the big screen. However, with the adaptations and demonstrations of popular characters like Red Guardian and U.S. Agent, Marvel seems to have found other ways to adapt these stories.

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