Bleach: All The Vizards Ranked From Strongest To Weakest

Bleach is indeed one of the most popular anime series all around the world. Moreover, it is especially known for having diverse characters including a group called the Vizards.

For the unversed, this diverse group is made up of eight Shinigami who have acquired Hollow powers thanks to Aizen’s Hollowification experiments.

Here are all the Vizards ranked.

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Shinji Hirako

Shinji Hirako in his Captain outfit

He is the former captain of the fifth division but later manages to reclaim that title. Consequently, he is also the leader of Vizards and is an integral part of the story.

Lisa Yadomaru

She was the former lieutenant of the eight divisions under Captain Shunsui Kyoraku. Although she appears to have a tough exterior she often shows genuine emotion toward others.

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Rabu Aikawa

Rabu Aikawa also known as Love was the former captain of Squad Seven. Meanwhile, he ranks among the top on the list owing to his incredible Zanpakuto along with his help to fight Hollowfied Kensei and Stark.

Hachigen Ushoda

He is the former lieutenant of the Kido corps under the kido captain Tessai Tsukabishi. In addition, he has a calm analytic nature. While he stands over 8 feet tall, Hachi has a kind and gentle personality.

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Hiyori Sarugaki

She is the former lieutenant of the twelfth division. Additionally, she seems to be easily provoked and is too emotional, making her a bad warrior.

Kensei Muguruma

He is the former Captain of the ninth division and later reclaims that title. Meanwhile, he appears to be quite a decisive person who is easily annoyed by immaturity.

Mashiro Kuna

She is the former lieutenant of the ninth division. Subsequently, she fails most of the time because she relies quite a lot on her hollow powers.

Rose Otoribashi

He is the former Captain of the third division. But he eventually ends up regaining that position. Furthermore, his Hollow mask resembled the masks doctors wore during the medieval time to treat the plague.

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