Bleach: “The Balance” Jugram Haschwalth’s Power and Abilities

Jugram Haschwalth

Jugram Haschwalth is a secondary antagonist in Bleach’s The Thousand Year Blood War Arc. He is a Quincy and Wandenreich’s Sternritter Grandmaster with the designation “B” The-Balance. Haschwalth is a man who believes in balance.

He believes that a fight must be fair and that if one’s life is saved by good fortune, it will be ended by an equal amount of misfortune. He is also the Wandenreich’s second-in-command, acting as Yhwach’s right-hand man, adviser, and substitute whenever he falls asleep. 

A Quincy with the designation “B” The-Balance

The Balance: According to Jugram Haschwalth, maintaining balance in the world requires him to distribute the bad luck that happens within his sphere of influence to those who have been fortunate. All the “misfortune” that would happen to him is redirected into his Freund Schild. This means that any “good luck” an opponent has when they hurt him will come back to them in the same amount as “misfortune.” And any “misfortune” he has gets redirected and absorbed into his Freund Schild. Causing his opponent to have even more “misfortune.”

Jugram Haschwalth

  • Freund Schild: Haschwalth occasionally wields a large, bulky shield on his left arm. The shield is made of a gold Quincy Zeichen with its ground-facing limb extended past the others. And has solidified Reishi between the limbs for an angular appearance.
  • Misfortune Absorption: Rather than defending against physical attacks, the Freund Schild absorbs all misfortune that would befall Haschwalth, such as battle injuries. Furthermore, using The Balance, Haschwalth can redirect the absorbed misfortune onto his opponent, further injuring them.

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Soul Distribution Power:

Jugram Haschwalth is thought to be the only Quincy other than Yhwach who can “impart” his power to other Quincy. Unlike other Quincy, he cannot absorb Reishi naturally from his surroundings. Instead, his natural ability is to “give” to those around him. Yhwach considers Haschwalth to be his “other half” because they both have the same ability.

  • Power Amplification: Haschwalth can boost the power of another Quincy just by being near them. He was able to enhance Bazz-abilities, B’s causing them to grow at an incredible rate. When Yhwach first meets Haschwalth, he tells him that he gets his power by taking back the power he gives. And says that Haschwalth was powerless as a Quincy because he could not do this.
  • Sleep-Induced Power Swapping: Haschwalth and Yhwach’s relationship is dichotomous as two sides of a balanced scale, with their powers swapping when Yhwach falls asleep. According to Haschwalth, his power is better suited to combat than Yhwach’s.
  • The Almighty: At night, when Yhwach goes to sleep, Haschwalth gets The Almighty, which splits his irises and pupils into three. Haschwalth can see into the future thanks to The Almighty. However, he cannot change the future like Yhwach.

Jugram Haschwalth

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Abilities of Jugram Haschwalth 

Reishi Manipulation: As a Quincy, he primarily absorbs spiritual energy from the environment and combines it with his own spiritual energy to form weapons. He gathers this energy more easily in environments with higher concentrations of Reishi, such as Soul Society or Hueco Mundo.

Shadow Portal: Haschwalth can make a giant portal in the shape of a six-pointed cross by creating a shadow in his hand and dropping it into the ground. 

The Key: Haschwalth has the ability to summon a portal to the Royal Realm using unknown means. He raises his sword above his head, causing light to shine from the tip and a white, six-pointed cross to appear on the ground. Using this, Haschwalth, Yhwach, and Uryū traveled to the Royal Realm in the form of a destructive beam of light. Which released a discharge of energy potent enough to sweep away and divide nearby enemies.

Great Spiritual Power: Haschwalth’s spiritual power is on par with, if not higher than, that of a captain-level Shinigami.

Keen Intellect: Haschwalth is a man of great insight. He deduced that the flames covering Yamamoto’s body when he used Zanka no Tachi, Nishi: Zanjitsu Gokui were his Reiatsu. Also, he figured out that Yhwach purposefully instilled discord among the Wandenreich soldiers by naming Uryū his successor. He knew there was a trap inside Nanao Ise’s barrier because the joints between the plates were obviously weak.

Jugram Haschwalth

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Equipment used by Jugram Haschwalth 

Broadsword: Haschwalth wields a long-handled cruciform broadsword, which he used to effortlessly sever Ichigo Kurosaki’s Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu. Haschwalth keeps the button he got from Bazz-B on the hilt of his sword.

  • Energy Blasts: Haschwalth can fire energy blasts from his sword, which has four points that curve back: one at the top, one at the bottom, and one on each side.

Bow and Arrow: Before Yhwach inducted him into the Sternritter, Haschwalth carried a regular bow and a quiver of arrows to compensate for his inability to form a Heilig Bogen or Heilig Pfeil.

Sword: Before Yhwach inducted him into the Sternritter, Haschwalth carried a standard, long-handled broadsword with a black sheath to compensate for his inability to form weapons out of Reishi.

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