Bleach: Everything About Sajin Komamura’s Zanpakutou Tenken

The head of the 7th Squad, Sajin Komamura, is a generous and kind man who is deeply loyal to Genryusai Yamamoto. He had a very close relationship with fellow Captain, Kaname Tosen. Due to him being an anthropomorphic wolf, he was shunned by many in Soul Society and always felt self-conscious about his appearance.

It was Captain-Commander Yamamoto’s generosity that allowed Komamura to become a Shinigami of the Gotei 13, though he isn’t a human. He always wore gloves with bracers, coupled with a wooden helmet that revealed nothing of his wolf-like body. However, after Tosen‘s betrayal, he hasn’t felt the need to cover his head anymore.

Being highly proficient in swordsmanship and hand-to-hand combat, Komamura is one of the strongest Shinigamis in Soul Society (Bleach Universe). His Zanpakutou, Tenken is incredibly strong and has immense brute strength. Let’s take a look at what form and powers his Zanpakutou Tenken has.

Sajin Komamura in his Shihakusho

Tenken’s Shikai Release State

Komamura releases the Shikai state of Tenken by using the release command, “Roar”. His Shikai has the special ability to create phantom body parts of a terrifying giant. Every move that Komamura does, the giant will carry out the same action. 

This makes it incredibly terrifying as the giant’s brute strength is proportional to its size. However, unfortunately, the Shikai can be easily overcome by someone with greater spiritual power, as evidenced when Tosen became a Hollow. 

Komamura’s Bankai, Kokujo Tengen Myo

Tenken’s Bankai Release State

Komamura activates the Bankai stage by using the release command, “Kokujo Tengen Myo”. This command summons a gigantic giant of about 100 metres, who has a life of its own. Resembling a samurai, this giant has its own Katana and armor. Also, Komamura retains his own Zanpakutou and can use it in battle too.

His Bankai has the special ability of being able to deal massive amounts of damage at a rapid pace. It’s incredibly resilient as well, as it can smother a point-blank Cero from an Arrancar. However, one weakness of this Bankai is that any damage given to the giant will be inflicted upon Komamura as well. Due to this bond between the two, the giant will also heal when Komamura gets healed, which is fairly rare.

Sajin Komamura in his Human Form using the Dangai Joe technique

There is another technique to his Bankai called Dangai Joe, which is accessible only when Komamura uses the Humanization technique. His giant still gets summoned but in this case, the armor dissipates and it’s wrapped with a long cord multiple times. This Bankai variant of Kokujo Tengen Myo is almost resistant to any physical damage.

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