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Bleach Season 17 Episode 11 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

When Will The Bleach: Final Arc Release?

Here is everything you need to know about Bleach Season 17 Episode 11.

About: Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War

Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War is the final arc of the Bleach franchise. This particularly centers around Yhwach, Quincies’ leader, declaring war against the Soul Society.

Bleach Season 17 Episode 10: A Quick Recap

Bleach Season 17 Episode 10 is titled, ‘The Battle.’

The previous episode opened with the battle between Yachiru Unohana and Zaraki Kenpachi in the central underground prison of Seireitei.

For the unversed, the first Kenpachi is fighting Zaraki as she is tasked to teach the eleventh Kenpachi the Zanjutsu and awaken his Shikai.

However, in the end Zaraki was able to inherit the title of Kenpachi after showcasing his incredible skills and taking down Unohana.

Bleach Season 17 Episode 11: What To Expect?

The 11th episode of Bleach Season 17 is titled, ‘Everything But the Rain.’

The upcoming episode will most likely continue with Ichigo back to his roots i.e. Karakura town.

Meanwhile, the previous episode concluded with Nimaiya sending him back to the Human World after realizing that he did not go through traditional Asauchi training and isn’t a Shinigami.

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Bleach Season 17 Episode 11: Release Date

The eleventh episode of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is all set to release on 19th December. It will premiere around midnight in Japan.

Moreover, it will release globally on the following dates and times:

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Bleach Season 17 Episode 11: Where And How To Watch?

Japanese viewers can catch the latest episode of Bleach on the local network TV Tokyo.

Meanwhile, international fans can either stream the upcoming episode on Hulu as well as Disney Plus.

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