Bleach Special Manga Chapter Release Date and What To Expect: Will We See Urahara’s Return?

The Bleach manga came to an abrupt halt on the 22nd of August, 2016. After publishing around 700 chapters and 74 volumes, Tite Kubo rushed through the ending chapters, which made many fans unhappy. 

In August 2021, the manga will be celebrating its 20th anniversary; it debuted first in 2001. Though there is still not much information about the return of its anime, there was an announcement that a new chapter will be released.

Details of the Special Bleach Manga Chapter:

Magazine: Weekly Shonen Jump’s 36/37th issue

Pages: 73

Release Date: August 10, 2021

This new chapter is a special chapter to be released to celebrate its amazing 20th anniversary. This chapter will have about 73-74 pages, the content of which hasn’t been revealed yet. 

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It will be released on Weekly Shonen Jump’s combined 36th and 37th issue. This issue will be out on the 10th of August 2021. However, since neither the mangaka nor the magazine has said anything about what this new chapter will focus on, many people have offered their own speculations.

If you wish to know more about the possible plot, read further!

Urahara’s Life and His Relationship With Yoruichi from Childhood

Kisuke Urahara is a very mysterious character whose life isn’t explored well despite playing a crucial role in Bleach. Though the reasons for his banishment from Soul Society are explored in Turn Back The Pendulum arc, we don’t get to see his life before that. 

Urahara’s Bankai

We also don’t get to see his childhood with Yoruichi in-depth and how he forms a strong, unbreakable bond with her. Ignoring the crucial side plots has been a thorny point for the plot, without which it ceases to be whole. Hopefully, we might see a young Urahara and Yoruichi, and if we’re lucky, Yoruichi’s Zanpakutou might be revealed.

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Kazui Kurosaki and Ichika Abarai: A Boruto-esque Return?

Kazui Kurosaki and Ichika Abarai were revealed in the ending of Bleach’s Thousand-Year-Blood-War Arc. Kazui is the son of Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime. Ichika is the daughter of Rukia Kuchiki and Renji Abarai.

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This probably might be the start of something like Boruto, which explored the lives of the children of the main Naruto characters. The fact that Kazui was made a boy and Ichika a girl points to a brewing romance between them. It’s just suspicious. Also, will Kazui have spiritual powers too? Will he be a Shinigami too?

We can’t wait to see the new chapter!

How Did Aizen Come To Know About The Soul King?

Sosuke Aizen was an extremely intelligent man who tried to become God and fortunately for us, failed. He tried to replace the Soul King because he sincerely believed he could do a much better job than the Soul King himself. 

Aizen Bleach

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But the plot would’ve been much better if we got to know how Aizen came to know about the Soul King. However, let’s fret not for we might see just that happening in the new Bleach chapter.


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