Blue Lock Chapter 147 Release Date and Spoilers

Blue Lock

The epic football match between Japan U-20 and Blue Lock gets dragged on and the match outcome is still highly anticipated. Only one minute of the match is left and it seems like the outcome is still thousands of miles away. Hopefully, Blue Lock Chapter 147 will reveal the results of the match and the aftermath. 

If you’re interested to know more about the next chapter, read on! 

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Blue Lock Chapter 147 Release Date

The upcoming chapter will be getting released on the 22nd of September, 2021. Hopefully, there will be no delays. The release timings will differ depending on the region. 


Blue Lock Chapter 146 Recap

Here’s a concise recap of whatever happened in the previous chapter:

  • The match got extended by 1 minute and the commentators seem to have got a massive shock. 

Blue Lock

  • Itoshi Sae had already snatched the ball away from Rin with a sneaky counterattack. However, his counterattack is facing some problems, and his desire to ruin the chances of Blue Lock’s victory has been ruined. 
  • Shidou, a particularly conniving person, watched the room and decided to grab the opportunity. 
  • It was very encouraging and emotional to see the substitutes cheer for their fellow teammates. We even saw Raichi scream that he would give them such hard kicks if they lost. 
  • Sae easily overcame the efforts of Barou, Nagi, and Isagi to take back the ball. 
  • When it seemed like Blue Lock was heading for a defeat, Tabito stopped him and told everyone to stop focusing on Sae only. 
  • Blue Lock’s defense was in complete shambles. However, Isagi got into his zone where he deciphered the move to stop Sae’s advances. 

Blue Lock

  • When everything seemed lost and hopeless, Rin came in and decided to take back his pride. 
  • The chapter ended with Rin determined more than ever to overcome the burden of living under his brother’s Shadow. 

Blue Lock Chapter 147 Spoilers

The next chapter will probably show how the sibling rivalry between the two brothers will determine the futures of both Blue Lock and Japan U-20. 


Where To Read Blue Lock

You can read it from the Kodansha US website.

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