Blue Lock Chapter 181 Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details

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About the anime

Blue Lock is a Japanese shonen manga series written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yūsuke Nomura. This manga has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine since August 2018. The story is focused on the context of Japan’s decision to withdraw from the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

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Recap for Blue Lock Chapter 180

  • It is time for a corner kick after the ball hit Yukimiya and went out. Isagi thought that Nagi set up an attack to shoot and that he was trying to create his own play.
  • Nagi scores 8 out of 100 on his shoot according to Agi. He adds that it was because of him that Nagi got it in the first place. Agi advised Nagi that improving on the passing would make the shot faster. There were many things that led to point deductions in Nagi’s case. Agi advises him to use his head more as Chris had said.

  • Isagi is baffled as to why Nagi and Agi are discussing things in the middle of the game. But he soon comes to the realisation that his own knowledge about football is limited.
  • Reo says that Nagi’s star talent accelerates his talent by involving others. And if Nagi’s talent is groomed well, he might become the greatest player ever.

  • Reo has decoded Manshine City’s tactics and has devised a new system with Agi doing the creative football part in the game.

  • Nagi and Agi play link-up football. However, their precise passes and ferocious shot are of no use before the German wall Kaiser who blocks the shot. Although Isagi is surprised at Kaiser’s strength, he realises that this is very high-level football.

Spoilers For Blue Lock Chapter 181

Although official spoilers are not out yet, we expect that the battle between Germany and Manshine C will only get intense. Agi and Nagi will learn to play link-up better as time passes and pretty soon Kaiser’s defense will be breached.

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Release Date for Blue Lock Chapter 181

Blue Lock Chapter 181 English translations are due to be released soon on 12 July, 2022. Every new chapter of Blue Lock gets released regularly every week on a Wednesday. Keep visiting this website for regular updates.

Where to read Blue Lock Chapter

You can read the latest chapters of Blue lock from Kodansha


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