Blue Period Episode 6 Release Date and Spoilers!

Blue Period Episode 6 is set to release soon and the previous episode showed Yatora hitting a roadblock in his journey of becoming a good artist. The title of Episode 5 “I Feel Helpless Even If I Know What to Do” s self-explanatory as Yatora tries to find his voice and calling while working in something he’s deeply passionate about.

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Blue Period Episode 6 Release Date

Blue Period Episode 6 will be getting released on the 29th of October 2021. Fortunately, no one has reported any delays yet.

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Blue Period Episode 5 Recap

Yatora was given various chores to be prepared for his examinations in his school in the previous episode. It was titled “I Feel Helpless Even If I Know What to Do.” He paid a visit to Mori’s campus to see if his work would be able to inspire him, and he discovered the significance of showing the complexity of the human experience through art. 

Meanwhile, Ryuji’s father interrogates him about him not attending cram school anymore, but he’s dissatisfied with his progress in art and school. The next day, Ryuji invites Yatora to see Mori on her campus. When Yatora arrives on campus, he gets to see all the art in Mori’s art room and is enthralled by her work, leaving him deeply inspired. 

Yatora realizes he’s been focusing on the use of tools rather than the art of presenting stories. Returning to the art club, he begins his F-100 painting with the theme of bonds and creates an incredible piece of art.

Mrs. Ooba was enthralled by an F-100 artwork created by Yatora. He, despite his ability to adapt, secured another poor result in the painting contest at cram school. With each piece of art he encounters, he climbs up another step on his journey of growing into a true artist., despite numerous setbacks.

Yatora had an art block and had been unable to paint the depths of his heart but could overcome it easily by seeking inspiration in the right places. However, he’s quite bad at handling criticism as he succumbs to self-loathing and pity often.

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Where To Watch

On Crunchyroll and Funimation, you can watch the latest Blue Period episode. Following a few days after the initial release, you’ll be able to watch the same episode on Netflix.


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