Boruto 194th Episode: Kawaki And Boruto’s Quest Begins!


The Boruto anime finally reveals how Kawaki got his Karma mark in the 194th episode, and both the Vessel begin their quest.

Not that tough anymore?

Kawaki looked like a guy who will not be trusting anyone anytime soon, but things really took a drastic turn in the 194th episode while Kawaki decided to trust Boruto and tell him his story.

Boruto anime is going through a calm time for these last few episodes. We got to see some humor, normal Uzumaki family bonding, and very normal stuff that we forgot existed in the anime.

Kawaki finally gave into the kind-hearted guy he was before and decided to trust the Uzumaki family a little.

Well, he is not back to his complete self, though. He needs a lot of time for it after everything he has been through.

The Common Enemy!

With Kawaki revealing how he got the Karma mark, Boruto and Kawaki decide that their goal next is to get rid of it.

For Boruto, all this while the mark didn’t do any damage. It rarely showed up, and it rarely did any damage to him.

But we can’t tell the same for Kawaki. This mark is the reminder of everything wrong in his life. The reminder of how he was a prisoner all his while and all the horrors he saw.

So, it is completely understandable that Kawaki wants to get rid of it.

Boruto’s Smart Choice!

Boruto, even though he is not yet fully aware of what Karma could do, yet agrees to Kawaki, and that’s an intelligent choice.

Boruto has been bright from the beginning, and he actually thinks and even calculates at times before he jumps to a conclusion. Boruto saw what that mark did to Kawaki and the people that were after it.

He saw everything Kara could do, and he knows deep down having that mark is going to invite trouble for him soon.

Boruto being smart, decides to trust Kawaki and start the journey on getting it removed. As of now, we have no idea how they start, but we know he will get full support from the Kages.

Naruto has already brought them up to speed, and now it looks like all five nations will start looking for answers.

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