Boruto Anime Reveals The Hokage Naruto Respects The Most

Thanks to Boruto anime, we get to learn or even reconfirm many facts about Naruto that we may have forgotten in the course of time.

The Co-existence Konoha is scared of!

Naruto may have been very easygoing about having Kawaki roam free, but that would’ve not been the same way with any other Kage.

Well, maybe Gaara would’ve too let that happen, but many would oppose the idea. Thanks to Naruto, many have changed their mind about Jinchuriki and have even learned to accept a little more.

Kawaki may as well be the modern-day Jinchuriki as he has everything the old ones in Naruto’s previous years had.

Many know what Kawaki could do, but no one, including Naruto, understands what he is. While we get a glimpse of how Naruto suffered when we see him support Kawaki, this episode confirms something else.

All the Hokages of Hidden Leaf

Naruto had the excellent chance of being dotted by four of the Hokages before him. Even though many started to like him after a while, only one person had been with him no matter what.

Even before Iruka, it was Hiruzen Sarutobi that showed kindness to Naruto. He was the one who knew the secret, too, but he still didn’t have to be kind to Naruto, knowing what he had inside him.

Many fans may have called out the Third Hokage for being too much of a pacifist because his bad decision let someone like Danzo order the Uchiha clan to be massacred.

But to Naruto, he is nothing short of the one who thought his world could be different.

Father and Grandfather of Naruto 

Sarutobi took care of Naruto, gave him a monthly allowance, and made sure that his teachers take care of him too. Iruka also got a little advice from Sarutobi before becoming the first teacher to jump to Naruto’s side.

In the latest Boruto anime episode, we get to see Naruto and Gaara relive their past when they say that Kawaki shouldn’t be retained.

We could see the pain in their eyes, and only then does Naruto tell how much he is grateful for Sarutobi. The other Hokages might be powerful, well his own father might be a great Hokage, and the one to feared by all but Sarutobi has Naruto’s respect first.


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