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Boruto Chapter 65 Release Date And Spoilers


Chapter 64 was action packed and the tension is at an all time high as Naruto struggles to track down Boruto through his chakra. Meanwhile, Boruto and Kawaki decide to beat Code together as Boruto takes control of his mind and suppresses Momoshiki’s influence. What’s in store next for Boruto Chapter 65? Below you’ll find all the details about the upcoming chapter. 

Boruto Chapter 65 Release Date 

Boruto Chapter 65 is scheduled to release on Monday, December 20th, 2021.

Recap of Boruto Chapter 64

The previous chapter titled ‘Control’ showed that Boruto is still able to move his body and channel Momoshiki’s power without having his mind taken over. Kawaki is wary of Boruto’s latest form as he’s worried that Momoshiki might resurface again at any moment and take control of Boruto’s body. But the two decide to fight off Code together. 


Boruto Chapter 65

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Overall, this was an action heavy chapter. We can see that Boruto has grown stronger due to the Karma Mark and maybe also Momoshiki’s previous battle experience. Eida also tells Code to take Boruto as a serious opponent and not let his guard down. According to Eida, Boruto’s ability to maintain some semblance of control and not let Momoshiki take over could be due to the medication Amado gave him. 

While Boruto remains occupied with Code along with his attempts to protect Kawaki, the chapter also follows Naruto’s steps as he tries to sense his son’s chakra. With news of Boruto and Kawaki in danger, Hinata wishes to go with Naruto to rescue them.


But Naruto tells her to think of Himawari and so Hinata stays back as she prays for the safety of Naruto and the two young boys. As Sasuke is busy tracking down Code and Sai is also occupied with protecting Amado, Shikamaru decides to go along with Naruto. This is good as Shikamaru is likely to come up with helpful strategies to help defeat Code. 

Boruto Chapter 65

What Can We Expect from Boruto Chapter 65? 

The official spoilers are not out as yet. But we can expect that Naruto will be able to track Boruto successfully since he’s already found the location. Along with Shikamaru’s help, Naruto’s Sage Mode will prove useful in finding out where Code will appear next when he teleports through the Claw Marks for surprise attacks.

But the thing is Chapter 64 ended with Boruto kneeling down in pain suddenly and Kawaki calling out his name desperately. So the question is will Naruto and party reach there in time to guarantee Boruto’s safety?


Where to Read Boruto Chapter 65 Online? 

You can read the official version of Boruto from Viz Media, Manga Plus, or the Shonen Jump app.


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