Boruto Episode 207: Boro’s Weakness Explained! Sarada’s Wit Saves The Day

Boruto Episode 206 was released on the 12th of July 2021. It highlighted the continuation of the newly formed Team 7 engaging in a tough and frustrating battle with Boro. 

Each time they keep defeating him by cutting off his head or blasting his upper and lower bodies, he regenerates with ease. His body seemed to be invincible until Sarada and Kawaki got together to find out his weakness.

Each strategy they come up with is successful but due to Boro’s regenerative capacity, their chakra slowly gets depleted. They realize that they’re going to get stuck in that place forever until they die.

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This increasingly frustrating situation forces Kawaki to call Sarada and devise a new strategy while Mitsuki and Boruto are keeping Boro occupied. Kawaki tells Sarada that every body crafted by Amado has this kind of regenerative capability but there’s a weakness they can exploit.

The trio attempts a combined assault

Boro’s body has a core because of which his body can regenerate instantaneously without any special effort. This core acts like the heart which is the essence of Boro’s unique God-like powers. 

Sarada’s Wit and Special Jutsu: Chidori

Sarada is exceptionally smart and can notice even the smallest details that others won’t notice. She can come up with the most impeccable and detailed plan to defeat an opponent. 

Initially, Sarada had an incredibly tough time finding the spot where the core lies. After much hard work, she noticed that whenever Boro weaves signs in the air to attack, some huge lump moves inside his body. Sarada deduces that the lump must be the core and it’s in the right flank of his stomach at that time. 

Sarada destroys the core of Boro

She removes the core from his body with amazing speed and accuracy by using one of her special techniques, Chidori. She destroys the core swiftly, which infuriates Boro who turns into a gigantic octopus-like creature.

Boro turns into a huge monster and crushes Sarada

Boruto Episode 208 Release Date

The next episode will be released on the 19th of July 2021. Every new episode of Boruto gets released after a week.

Where To Watch Boruto Episode 208

You can catch the latest episode of Boruto on Crunchyroll. Every latest episode with English subtitles is updated daily.

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