Boruto Episode 223 Release Date And Spoilers

In the previous episode, what stood out was the wholesome moments between Sasuke and Sarada. Besides that, however, something tense appears in the arrival of those men and it seems like the Chunin exams would be disrupted again, thus cancelling it. This is not a point of surprise as there seems to be a pattern of the Chunin exams always being interrupted. Curious about Boruto Episode 223? Read on to find out everything we know about the upcoming episode!

Boruto Episode 223 Release Date

Episode 223 of Boruto is scheduled to release on Sunday, November 7th, 2021. The title of this episode is “Inojin vs. Houki”. It will be aired at 5:30 PM JST and at different times in various other locations.

Recap of Boruto Episode 222

In Episode 222, as the Chunin exams near the final stage, Boruto is hard at his preparation for the one-on-one fight. He tells Kawaki that he will be training with Mitsuki. Also, Denki and Iwabee have progressed to the next round, but they can’t be too happy as they’re worried about Metal, who looked down after not making it to the final stage.

But Metal tries to move past his own failure and help the duo prepare for the one-on-one combat. Meanwhile, Team 5 has a meeting with Dr. Katatsuke, who is occupied with arranging his testing rooms.

The students gain a lot of helpful advice from Sai, but Tsubaki reveals the plan to go back to the Land of Iron as the candidate for a leadership position.

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What are Some Expectations for Boruto Episode 223? 

In episode 223, we may expect the final round of the Chunin exams to resume. So, Boruto and his friends will be fighting in a one-on-one confrontation with the other students.

Where to watch Boruto Episode 223 online? 

You can stream the series on sites such as Crunchyroll and AnimeLab. It is also available on Funimation.

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