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Boruto Episode 245 Release Date, Preview, and Other Details

Will Boruto and others be able to face Funamushi’s wrath? Will the Funatos show no mercy to the people? Read this article to find everything about Boruto Episode 245.

About Boruto 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is the anime sequel to Naruto and the story focuses on Naruto’s son, the eponymous character Boruto Uzumaki. The anime follows the life and adventures of Boruto as he joins a ninja team.

While Boruto emulates his father on the path to greatness in the ninja world, he wants to make his own impression. Boruto is also tremendously determined to leave his own mark in the ninja world and affirm his own greatness, outside Naruto’s shadow.

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Recap of Boruto Episode 245

Since Boruto Episode 245 is not out yet, we can go over the details of Episode 244. The Funatos find the suspension bridge up ahead down. They guess that the Hidden Mist must have got wind of their movements. The convicts are really sure that they will win the battle. 

Boruto and the others get to know that the Funatos are not taking the ravine. Since there is a shortage of fighters, they gather people from the village. Young, old, whoever is willing to fight. The Funatos come to attack while the children are playing. 

The mayor tries to placate the Funato commanders. Kagura removes the curse marks from the necks of the convicts. So they are free to kill whoever they want. 

Preview and Spoilers Spoilers of Boruto Episode 245 

The next episode’s title is Funamushi’s tenacity. Boruto and the others are counting on Buntan and the convicts to come back and not desert them. It is possible that Funamushi will offer stiff resistance to the convicts and Boruto’s team will have to intervene. 

Release Date of Boruto Episode 245 

Boruto Episode 245 will be released on 18 April 2022. 

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Where to Watch Boruto 

You can watch Boruto Episode 245 on Crunchyroll or AnimeLab. It is also available on Funimation.


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