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Boruto: The Manga Sets Up Stage For The Next Villain


Naruto and Boruto fans have hardly been able to process the fact that the beloved Nine-Tails is dead, but the writers have already added pain to the wound by introducing or setting up the platform for the next Villain.

Next Villain on the rise!

With Konoha winning the battle against Isshiki that too with a great sacrifice, new reports suggest that the remaining of the Kara members are gearing up to make their move.

With Kurama being dead and Naruto losing a part of him, it is a sad time for Naruto and the Hidden Leaf. Naruto wakes up to see Boruto holding his hands, and Kurama has already left his body.

Code to Take Isshiki’s Will

It is just now that Kawaki was able to revive the old Boruto back from Momoshiki’s possession, but things have already started to heat up.

According to manga readers, Code has been handled differently in the manga compared to the anime. Anyway, he has been kept in the backburner for a long time, and according to the latest chapter, he might be the next Villain.

After the fight between Momoshiki and Isshiki comes to an end, we could see Code monitoring the currently brewing Ten-Tails.

Code was a vessel too!

In this chapter, it is revealed that Code was on his way to become the vessel and is even seen having a half-finished white karma mark on him.

Then Isshiki’s soul appears from Code’s Karma and allots him his next mission. That being the carrier of Isshiki’s will and be the one feeding Kawaki or Boruto to the Ten-Tails.

Now Isshiki asks Code to become a full-time Otsutsuki and asks him to become like Gods by eating this entire planet. Even though Code is not very keen on playing God, he does it just because of his love for Isshiki.

We know that Code will rip the world apart if it is Isshiki’s command so, it is time we see how powerful Code is on his own right and how powerful Naruto is now without the tailed beast within him.

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