Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 96 Release Date and Speculations

Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 96 can be one of the most interesting chapters if done right. And to be honest, I do believe in Kafka’s brilliant writing but let’s be honest, the current arc has outstayed its welcome. That’s why it was so refreshing to see Gogol and Aya make such drastic and dramatic moves. 

The next chapter can bring back the charm that Bungo Stray Dogs is known for. Regardless, fans are excited and so am I. While the next chapter will take a while, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 96 Release Date:

For the past few months, the manga has been released in the first week of every month. According to that, one can expect Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 96 might drop in the first week of December itself. 

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A Recap of Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 95.5:

After Dazai and Dostoevsky land on their bums from their prison cells, both of them are greeted by Gogol and Sigma. Now, Gogol is quite happy to see his friend (Fyodor) but at the same time wants to kill him because he’s a friend.

According to him, he won’t have free will unless he kills his only friend Fyodor. The reason being an emotional connection to him and he can’t exercise free will as long as he feels attached. To be honest, it’s quite fitting for someone like Gogol.

However, things don’t end here. He proposes another demand i.e. for Fyodor and Dazai to have a jailbreak duel. And, in all honesty, both of them seem quite happy about it.

On the other side, we have Aya hiding in Bram’s coffin or as he calls it – slumber. She is quite terrified of Bram but that terror goes away when the vampire talks like Shakespear. Aya isn’t able to understand what he says and Bram is okay with that? He just let her walk freely.

After that, Bura-chan (Bram) and Aya talk with the conclusion being that Bram considers Fukuchi as his nemesis. She takes advantage of his situation and takes him away.  Here, Fukuchi is anxious about being unable to open One Order.

To counter that, he thinks of planning a world war amongst nations that will change everything. Not to forget, it will only happen if he has Bram’s holy sword. And so, he opens the door only to find that Bram isn’t there. The confusion is larger than life at this very moment for Fukuchi right now.

What Can You Expect From Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 96?

Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 96 will most likely feature the jailbreak duel. Finally, a head-on fight of wits and brute strength between Dazai and Dostoevsky might just happen. And, in the process, Gogol will enjoy their battle as much as he can.

On the other hand, we will get to see Fukuchi relentlessly searching for Bram on the premises. For Aya, it’s going to be quite adventurous as well as dangerous. But Bura-chan might just help her too. I still can’t get over how easily she was able to make a bloodthirsty vampire sound cute.

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Where To Read It?

Although Bungo Stray Dogs has a paperback release, there’s no digital release for every new chapter. Still, fans can read the manga on the unofficial Bungo Stray Dogs website.

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