Can Agatha Harkness Be Trapped In Westview Forever?


There are a lot of things that happened in the WandaVision show that made us cry ugly tears, but this one thing made us happy.

The Twisted Witch

Agatha Harkness may have said that she is there to save the world in her own twisted ways, but why did we have a feeling that she was lying?

Well, Wanda put it in one single sentence and showed us and Agatha the difference between them. It is as simple as Wanda did things without her knowledge while Agatha darn well knew what she was doing to the people.

Let it be back in Salem, or now, Agatha may not wholly accept it, but she is unhinged and reckless and has no greater good in mind.

What if?



If Agatha had taken the Scarlet Witch’s powers, she would’ve wreaked havoc, the one that she keeps telling Wanda might do.

Anyway, we still don’t know if this ending for Agatha Harkness is fitting. In the comics, as we know, she becomes the mentor of Wanda. Here everything goes upside down, and she tries to steal Wanda’s powers.

Were her claims genuine?

Frankly, her dialogues, her actions, and everything just looked like she was jealous of Wanda. If she had approached her differently, she would have gained her trust and easily calmed Wanda down.

But she didn’t do that. She chose to take her back to her painful memories and kidnap her children, then talk about the myth that is Scarlet Witch, then she decides to tell, ‘you are dangerous, so give me your powers.’ Talk about an annoying neighbor.

How well does Wanda know Strange?


Anyway, as of now, Agatha Harkness will play the role of a nosy neighbor until Wanda decides to visit. We have a feeling that Wanda might come to visit because, as of now, the only witch she knows is Agatha.

Doctor Strange is there, but still, we wonder if Wanda knew him. They did fight alongside in the Endgame, but we don’t think they had time to exchange pleasantries.

Whether she likes it or not, she is going to get a visit from Strange or maybe the other way around. As we saw in the last few episodes, Wanda is really smart, and she is a quick learner.

So, there are chances that Wanda finds something out about what is happening with her newfound immense knowledge of the world of witchcraft and then approaches Strange.

No matter what, we have to wait for Multiverse of Madness to be sure about our theories.

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