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Can Blade Pursue R-Rated Venture for His Company

Kevin Feige has revealed that Blade is all set to join MCU and according to the fans, it seems to be the perfect way for marvel Studio to go R-rated.

First of all, there are different rated movies which can be seen, for example, Rated G, which is for the general audience and is suitable for all age groups, then, comes, the Rated PG movie which requires parental guidance and the movies under this category are subject to have content which may not be suitable for small age groups. Similarly, R-Rated movies are the ones where some content is restricted for children below 17 years. The movies under this category need the parents or guardians to accompany the child below 17 years.

LOS ANGELES, CA – DECEMBER 08: Actor Mahershala Ali attends the GQ Men of the Year party at Chateau Marmont on December 8, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

The reports have revealed that San Diego Comic-Con just conducted the Hall H panel recently. This panel was a success with Marvel studios. This panel included Kevin Feige who told the members that Blade will be seen in MCU shortly. This message has somehow put everyone in a doubt about MCU getting R-rated independently.

Talking about Blade, the comic series out recently shows his role, as a Daywalker vamp. The name itself suggests that the vampire can be seen during the day as well. The story seems interesting and you will see where the gore comes in.

Furthermore, The CEO of Disney has talked about Marvel Studios undertaking a Rated-R movie. There was a meeting held by the investors and Disney executives where Bob Iger said that the company is keen to take up such projects. According to Iger, there is an opportunity generated for Marvel Studios to take up an R-rated movie. This was said in context to Deadpool but Marvel Studios will do the same for Blade. Everything comes with a risk, therefore, there is a risk in taking up such projects but Marvel Studios is all set to take up the risk and move beyond. The risk factor involved for Deadpool to go R-rated was less as compared to the risk factors involved in Blade going R-rated. The concept and content of Blade are interesting and therefore the fans have been showing continuous support in regards to this decision of Marvel Studios.

Once people are aware of the ratings, they are expecting much more from Blade and Marvel Studio is ready to take up the risky project for the best results. Along with this, Marvel studio is getting the opportunity to show a different story to the fans to gain their confidence. Every time, fans look for something different and interesting and MCU is trying to show what exactly the fans want to see.

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