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Captain Carter could play a huge part in What If…?


Marvel Show: What If....?

Based on the popular comics series of the same name, “What If…?” twists some of Marvel’s most iconic stories and presents what could have happened if events in the MCU played out differently. From Howard the Duck to Black Panther, the show will feature a wide array of characters and celebrate Marvel in all of its weird and wonderful glory. As such, the internet is buzzing with theories as “What If…” promises to “enter the universe of unlimited possibilities.”

However, while anything is indeed possible in “What If…?,” there is one specific character who has been confirmed to play a major part in future seasons of the show.

Captain Carter could play a huge part in What If…?

While it’s possible that Peggy Carter was pruned by the Time Variance Authority along with Captain America, her MCU journey is far from over. As Empire notes, the trailer for “What If…?” has already confirmed her involvement in the alternate universe saga. However, Captain Carter could become one of the biggest players in the series.

During a recent press event for “What If…?” attended by Looper, it was revealed that Captain Carter was in the creators’ plans since the show’s conception. Executive Producer Brad Winderbaum revealed that the supersoldier iteration of Peggy Carter develops a strong relationship with The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright), who is essentially the centerpiece character. “We realized as we started developing the second season,” said Winderbaum, “that Captain Carter was going to be the character we would revisit in every season and continue that adventure.

It remains to be seen how her fate will play out, but it’s reassuring to know that she has a future in Marvel’s television shows after her own series, “Agent Carter,” was cancelled in 2016.

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