What If..? Carter Universe: A New Direction For Marvel?

Yesterday, the first episode of what if…? was released for public view on Disney+ Hotstar. After seeing the first episode a question comes to our mind “Should we accept the Captain Carter universe?”

Creation of Captain Carter Universe

The first episode of What if…? had a lot of similar scenes, reminding us of the 2011 movie, except Carter being the Captain and not Steve. However, we also see a metal suit Hydra Stomper designed by Howard Stark for Steve, powered by the Tesseract. This is the 2nd change in this timeline. Now Tony Stark will not be the first guy in a metal suit.

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The storyline for Captain Carter was changed a bit, like ambushing Dr. Zola who has the tesseract, and Capturing him from the truck. Losing Rogers while attacking the train. Then Hydra retrieving the tesseract from Steve’s suit. Bucky is now alive and not presumed dead. So there will not be a winter soldier. Also, Steve is alive and kicking.

Hydra Stomper
Hydra Stomper

Another major change will be Hydra summoning the monster using the tesseract which kills him and he was not sucked into the space by this infinity stone. This leads us to understand that there will be no Red Skull guarding the “soul stone” as some theories suggest that Hydra from 2011 is the one keeping eye on the stone.

Towards the end, Peggy pushes the monster into the portal and goes inside. Now she was not sleeping for 70 years, unlike the 2011 movie. She just vanished and gets back only when Nick Fury opens the portal using the tesseract. In the closing scene, we see that Hawkeye is already with Nick. So, does it mean that Clint Barton will be the first Avenger!

Thoughts after the Episode

This new timeline has changed from the previous one in many ways. This has also affected the future of the universe. But it depends on the fans if they want the new timeline or not. For some having her would be great but some would prefer the original. Marvel could be planning something for the new character, maybe a new spin-off or new set of movies. This, only time can tell.

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The episode left various things to be given a thought with an open mind. And it also motivates us to ask a few questions like:-

  1. Why did Fred Clemson blast the bomb even before the Super Soldier experiment was successful?
  2. What if… the serum was a failure and there was no captain to defend us all?
  3. What would happen if…Howard Stark continued the experiment on Steve even after the blast?
  4. What if… Peggy joined Captain and Bucky while they were attacking Hydra and his hide-outs? Who would we have lost Bucky, Peggy, or both? What if… both were presumed dead and were made into the Winter Soldier?

But these are stories for another what if.

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