Captain Marvel breaks Through Box Office With $34 Million Sales On Friday

Captain Marvel attained an amazing kickoff yesterday, with an enormous $34.3 million Box Office sales on Friday. Captain Marvel has had the 2nd largest launch day in the MCU. The film left behind Avengers: Age of Ultron ($33M in 2015), Captain America: Civil War ($30.4M in 2016) & Venom ($34.2M in 2018).

However, it’s still far behind from Avengers Infinity War that took off with a score of $71M in 2018. If this keeps on going, the film is expected to finish the week off with more than $90 million. Moreover, by the end of the week, the film might even pass the final count of Justice League ($106M) and Black Panther ($106M).

This clearly proves the perception of what the foreign audience will enjoy and what they’ll hate. Even Black Panther was highly criticized for its African American cast, still, it managed to pull off a great score in China. The same goes for Wonder woman and Dawn of the Justice League. Clearly, the concept that the Chinese audience is bound to give positive feedback to a female-led film can be true.

Not just Captain Marvel but a number of other industry offers have confirmed this too. Let’s take Ghost in the Shell, Alita: Battle Angel, Tomb Raider, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. These film didn’t just magically make millions, its because they got really high responses in China rather than North America.

It can be said that if Ghost Busters was to be premiered in China in 2016 it would’ve rocked. This can also be said for the cultural movies like Pacific Rim: Uprising, Coco and Green Book as well. These variables don’t prioritize Chinese moviegoers to only like high hit movies, nor do these cause any diversity in their choices of what to watch and what not to.

However, the reason why China didn’t promote Pacific Rim: Uprising is because it had Jhon Boyega as its leading role. Still, Chinese moviegoers didn’t entirely hold back from the film as the film still managed to pull a good score. And if it would’ve starred Scott Eastwood, things could’ve been even better.

Despite the fact that Captain Marvel is a female-led superhero film, Chinese moviegoers enormously showed up for Captain Marvel the day it released.

Nevertheless, Hollywood movie production still has to answer and fix the unequal pay system between male and female stars. Movies like Captain Marvel should simply be sent out there and the choice to whether the movie is a major hit or a  failure should be left to the audience, people from other countries may get to enjoy more.

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