Captain Marvel Expected To Show Up In The Beginning Of Endgame


Hey, everyone. After the post-credit scenes of Avengers Infinity War, many questions were raised. How Nick Fury still has a pager? To whom could he be sending out his call for help? If it’s Captain Marvel, then how does she fit in all of this? Where has she been all this time? How does Fury know her? And the list goes on and on. Warning this post may contain Spoilers. For more Spoilers go here on Reddit.

Since the release of Captain Marvels trailer, many of those questioned have been answered, yet still few remain. To know all the answers as to how Captain Marvel shows up with the Avengers, we have to watch Captain Marvel and its ‘post Credit Scene’ that just came out in theatres.

The film features Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel. Carol was a lead airforce pilot along with her best buddy Maria. While they experiment on a new jet they built, powered by the Tesseract, for outer space travel, they’re chased by the Kree. Soon after the chase, the ship crashes into an unknown area.

Carol in an attempt to destroy the ship’s engine, absorbs the tesseracts infinite amount of energy. And so, the Kree take Carol to conduct their experiments on her. After waking up, Carol doesn’t remember anything or anyone. Due to her memory loss, she only remembers glimpses of the life used to have back on a planet she doesn’t know.

Carol then finds herself a member of the Kree and fights along their side for a little while too. Although, due to the fragments of memory she still, she’s confused as to where she came from. She soon realizes that the shape-shifting aliens she’s working for are actually the bad guys. And now, she has to stop them from taking over the earth. The film also features Nick Fury and Agent Coulson as Albeit. Fury in this movie is a young and joyful version from the Fury we know. Moreover, Albeit is a low-level agent who’s destined to pull out laughs from the audience.

According to the posts credit scenes of Captain Marvel, we can be assured that she got Furys message. The scenes show the remaining Avengers have found Fury’s pager and are wondering how it functions. Best guess is that Carol probably advanced it with Kree technology before she left. While the Avengers are arguing over who Fury could possibly be sending that message too, Captain Marvel shows up. It seems she came as soon as she got Furys message and her first question is “Where’s Fury?”

It seems that she’s unaware of what Thanos has done. Why she doesn’t know? Maybe because she was in some other vortex of the galaxy without time continuity. Moreover, Ant-Man arrives at Avengers headquarters moments after his team turns into dust as we saw in the post-credit scene of Ant-Man And The Wasp. Furthermore, Cap can be seen without a beard in the Endgame trailer. Judging by all of this, we can be assured that Captain Marvel arrives at Avengers headquarters just moments after Infinity war.

What more can be expected is to see Captain Marvel at the beginning of Avengers Endgame. To see how Captain Marvel teams up with the remaining Avengers to fight against Thanos, we’re gonna have to wait for Endgame to release in theaters on April 26.

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