Captain Marvel’s Huge Box Office Success Analysis

captain marvel

Marvel’s everywhere in the media. Of course, there is the never-ending hype of much awaited Avengers: Endgame. But here we aren’t going to talk about that. We are going to analyze the success of probably the first female protagonist movie by MCU. “Captain Marvel” played effortlessly by the wonderful Brie Larson who has taken the box office by storm.

Coming to stats, it collected 1.1 $ billion past weekend which is a record in itself. The start to this year for MCU couldn’t have been better. It’s debatable but safe to say Marvel’s going to dominate this year’s box office with several big tickets flicks lined up.

If we go by the trade analysts, Captain Marvel will add another 25$ million domestic plus 40$ million international which will add and make the tally for the blockbuster at a staggering 990$ million! We have our fingers crossed for it to cross 1$ billion, though some competition is emerging up to make its life difficult a the box office in the form of Dumbo starring Eva Green among many.

Captain Marvel has confirmed its spot in top 25 movies of all time( on the basis of earnings).

It is expected that it will cross the collection of “Dark night rises” the upcoming weekend and maybe “Transformers: Age of Extinction” if all goes right.

Most likely Endgame will cross $2 billion and end up somewhere close to Infinity War’s total. That would make the highest grossing year for MCU ever.

Captain Marvel’s success is certainly a sign of good things to come for Marvel this year. Less than a month remaining, we expect Endgame to break every record for box office that is and set new benchmarks in the industry. Also, it will mark the beginning of an era for superhero movies.

According to experts, it is expected of Captain Marvel to rake a minimum of 1.09$ billion, Endgame at least 1.8 $ billion and Far From Home must at least reach $900 million that would make a staggering total of close to 4$ billion by three films of MCU.

There is a lot at stake for Marvel. Everyone’s investing in them. Marketing of Homecoming has already started. There’s no room for complacency whatsoever.

Just imagine how the annual revenue will look if Marvel decides to rope the fourth movie by the end of this year. The numbers would go berserk. There hasn’t been more successful production house than MCU and in all likelihood, we don’t expect any challenge to it in near time.

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