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The 5 Most Highly-Anticipated But Unannounced Movies That Must Be Coming

Following the Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading in a new direction. New defenders come to the forefront – She-Hulk, Moon Knight, Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor – as the original defenders continue to exit the landscape. And, while many upcoming projects have been confirmed, several possible productions remain unclear due to the Fox / Disney merger.

Yet, thanks to the insider reports, the comments from those involved, as well as the entire narrative and financial possibilities surrounding the MCU, five films seem to be heading to the silver screen… finally.

Fantastic Four


While the Fantastic Four movie has yet to be announced, Disney will not allow its new entry into the family of explorers to go unused. It is rumoured that Reed Richards (Mr Fantastic) will be making a solo appearance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, setting up an upcoming Fantastic Four film.

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Considering Fox has stolen these characters (and their origin story) many times, it’s up to Disney to get it right. And, now that leaders are under the care of Kevin Feige, hopes and expectations remain high.

The X-Men



Fox has produced many X-Men films. And, time and again, the saga has mainly focused on three characters – Wolverine, Magento and Professor X. These men were always at the centre of the fray. So, when joining the mutantkind franchise, Marvel Studios has to make a new interpretation – it just doesn’t mimic Fox. Thus, new characters may take centre stage.

New/Young Avengers


The new team of Avengers will be coming. Hawkeye will train its successor, Kate Bishop, in the upcoming Disney + series Hawkeye. And many have jumped at the assumption that Iron Man 3’s Harley Keener will play the part of Iron Lad. And, with She-Hulk coming, and rumours that Young Loki could become a prominent figure in the landscape, a Young Avengers film seems inevitable.

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X-Men vs Avengers or X-Men/Avengers team-up

What does the merger mean if the fans don’t see the world merging on screen? In the comic books, various X-Men and Avengers characters are come together and go head to head depending on the story of the comic. It’s no surprise… Kevin can bring our beloved Avengers and familiar mutants together to the screen.

The A-Force


MCU has already begun laying the foundation for the all-female Avengers team, A-Force. Captain Marvel is the focal point. Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor will appear in Love and Thunder, She-Hulk is on the way, Valkyrie is already there and prominently (she’s now King of Asgard). The A-Force will undoubtedly cement the presence, but will not be a unified group until 5th Phase or later.

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Black Panther 2: Wakandan Tech Has The Potential To Change The MCU Completely (Even More Than Thanos)

Black Panther 2‘s Wakandan technology can change the world greater than Thanos. Until recently, the MCU has traditionally reflected on setting their adventures in a “world outside your window” – our own world with the addition of God and monsters, superheroes and aliens.


Little by little, though, MCU‘s land is changing. It started in 2012’s Avengers, then New York came under alien invasion, and the world became aware of the presence of superheroes and aliens. Finally, in Avengers: Infinity War we witnessed the dreadful Thanos snapping his fingers that wiped out half the life of the universe. For five long years, traumatized survivors struggled to fit in, and then the Avengers finally made things right. But as important as all these events may be, the greatest change of all was set up in a far more subtle way.

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The 2018 Black Panther introduced viewers to the fictional African nation of Wakanda, which has immense power for advanced technology. The science of Wakanda is based on Vibranium, a rare precious metal of extraterrestrial origin. Vibranium came to Earth 2.5 million years ago when a huge meteor crashed on the African continent.

Over the millennia, the Wakandans have advanced science beyond everything they see on earth, making it stronger and almost indestructible than steel by learning to harness the power of vibranium.


Black Panther King T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) stood before the United Nations, promising to abandon Wakanda‘s separatist tradition and give his technology to the entire humanity. He began to open branches of the Wakandan International Reach Center around the world, placing Nakia (Lupita Nyong’ o) in charge of social influence and Shuri (Letitia Wright) in charge of science and information exchange. This means that impossible advanced technology is now being distributed to the rest of the world, but Wakandans are undoubtedly looking to train bright young minds and share these secrets with them.


Avengers: Infinity War definitely shook humanity’s confidence and self-belief; Even the most influential nations were humbled by the horror of Snap. But that doesn’t mean Wakanda‘s gift is an opportunity. At MCU, it is time for the world to change and adapt, to go in a completely different direction.

Wakandan technology comes with Wakandan teachings, and humanity may be willing to listen to this wisdom at this exact moment – meaning Black Panther 2 has the potential to transform the MCU completely.

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What Caused Tensed Behaviour Between Doctor Strange And Loki

The MCU introduced audiences to a techie like Iron Man, to magician like Doctor Strange, to spy like Black Widow. What started out as a small, involved core team eventually became an army, and Avengers: Endgame is a classic example of such development.

However, the MCU is vast, and some characters were not allowed to share screen time, let alone exchange a line or two. Meanwhile, others have unexplained connections that are never fully explored during films. One such pair is Doctor Strange and Loki, but fans already have a theory that sheds some light on their situation.

The only communication between the two that the audience sees is in Thor: Ragnarok. While this is an entertaining conversation, some fans may be questioning the conflicts of characters who have never seen each other before. Still, there is a theory that Loki‘s reputation may have preceded him.

As a defender of Eye of Agamotto, Doctor Strange might have raised awareness of what happened or what might happen. The wizard may be aware of Loki‘s past plans to betray Thor, the acquisition of Earth and the acquisition of Asgard, and any future projects.

Additionally, the theory suggests that Time Stone may reveal Loki‘s future actions. God’s morality may have reached a grey area in recent films, but in the wider universe, Loki might have less than amicable plans when it concerns Earth. It may be unfair to judge someone about things that haven’t happened yet, but fans should keep in mind that Doctor Strange safeguards the world and is responsible for all the magical threats.

Loki in Thor Ragnarok

Loki‘s mischievous nature means that he can use his power, regardless of the situation. It conflicts with the wizard’s way of life, which is based on helping others and not placing his authority on others. So, Loki‘s chaotic personality is Strange‘s direct antithesis. Combine this with God’s actions, then the reaction Doctor Strange showcases during the movie make sense.

Lastly, dislike does not have to be caused by any perceived or theoretical doubts. This theory proposes the idea that Strange may have worked on people who were injured by Loki‘s attack in Avengers. It was confirmed in the Avengers: Endgame that he worked at a hospital in New York during the invasion, so he saw the damage caused by the attacking force and tried to save the lives of the wounded. And it’s likely he holds a grudge against Loki for the destruction of his city, as well the pain he inflicted on his patients.

All of these theories blend well with the canon material, filling in the gaps that were left after the Avenger‘s story concluded. Furthermore, it adds another layer to the characters, giving a more rounded view for the fans. Whether viewers believe in the theories or trust only the official content, there’s no denying the hostility between the two magic users stems from something deep.

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These are the 7 Greatest Wolverine Quotes That Will Leave You Speechless

Of the nine films recorded in 17 years, Jackman‘s Wolverine has provided many memorable moments and unforgettable references to fans. Some references show off the character’s blunt humour. Others highlight how badass he is. And some will just break your heart. Here are the very best of The Wolverine‘s quotes.

“I Come With You, I’m Coming For Blood. No Law, No Code Of Conduct.”


While he is definitely a hero, Wolverine at times can be a real scary guy. We know that he had a long life filled with violence, and that has made him a very dangerous person. It usually means trouble for any poor soul who crosses him.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is apparently the worst of all Wolverine films, but it also has some decent moments. Logan, who is hired to hunt down his half-brother Victor, tells William Stryker how they’re going to do it his way. Although he is an important member of the X-Men, Wolverine does his best while he’s on his own.

I’m The Best There Is At What I Do But What I Do Best Isn’t Very Nice.


This classic line from the comics has become the catchphrase for the character over the years. This line is perfect for Wolverine as it sums his life of repentance and violence the best way possible. It’s amazing to see Jackman finally say the phrase in X-Men Origins. It’s a shame they didn’t save it for a good movie.

“You Know, Sometimes When You Cage The Beast, The Beast Gets Angry.”


There are only a few characters who know the consequences of trying to control a dangerous person better than Wolverine. He had his life ripped apart and forgotten, then made it his mission to get back those responsible. So when Wolverine gives advise about not to make those mistakes, it’s a good idea to listen to him.

“I’m Gonna Cut Your G** D*** Head Off. See If That Works.”


It cannot be overstated that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not a good movie. And still, it seems to have more than a few solid Wolverine references. This is the only film that explores the complex relationship between Sabertooth and Wolverine.

Although they have spent many years together, fighting side by side in many battles, the two men quickly become enemies when Sabertooth kills a woman Wolverine is in love with. It sets up this conflict, where Sabertooth wonders how Wolverine would kill him if he could heal himself. And Wolverine decides he’ll just give it his best effort.

“Nature Made Me A Freak. Man-Made Me A Weapon. And God Made It Last Too Long.”


In Wolverine‘s past, there have been many tragedies, from experimentation to amnesia, to the loss of Jean Gray. But when we look him in Logan, years into the future, he’s a completely broken man.

Part of what makes that movie so special is that it imagined a hero beyond his prime and ready to give up. And this is not something what we usually see in comic book movies. He is bitter, lonely and tired. The movie does a fantastic job of portraying how his greatest strength, his special power to heal and never die, turns out to be a curse.

“Go F*** Yourself.”


If nothing else, the Wolverine is a straight-shooter. His brief guest appearance in X-Men: First Class, takes full advantage of his prickly nature, as he tries to recruit young Charles Xavier and Eric Lehnsherr.

With one line, the Wolverine is one of the film’s vivid moments. It was one of the franchise’s biggest laugh-moments and worked perfectly for the role. Fortunately, the film did not attempt to increase their fortunes by making him play a bigger part because there was no beating this quick moment.

“So… This Is What It Feels Like.”


Sad to see Wolverine go, it’s clear that Logan was the perfect movie to say goodbye to our beloved character. After all the pain he had suffered over the years, he finally died, holding Laura‘s hand in a heart-wrenching moment.

Death was such an alien concept to the character that in his final moments, it is actually more of a curious realization of what is happening, rather than any fear or sadness—this bittersweet moment where he finally realizes the one thing that he missed throughout his entire long life.

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HERE Are The 5 Superheroes That Iron Man Never Met in The MCU

Pretty much every member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe appeared in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, but with the twisted tangle of cosmic timelines, there are still a handful of heroes who haven’t exchanged pleasantries. In the case of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), some may never get a chance to do so. As it turns out, there is an astonishing number of heroes Iron Man never met in the MCU at all.

For the sake of this list, we’re not counting just being present at the final battle against Thanos (Josh Brolin) at the end of Endgame together. These characters have to have at least spoken to Iron Man. We’re also not faulting Tony for not meeting characters that died before he had the opportunity, like Yondu. Even with those caveats, there’s still quite a list.

Tony Stark in Quantum Suit

Tony got to team up with most of the Guardians of the Galaxy during the events of Infinity War and Endgame. At various points in the Iron Man films or crossover events like the Avengers films and Captain America: Civil War, he met almost every hero and sidekick in the ‘verse all the way up to Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). Here’s who he missed before he died.

Iron Man hasn’t compared Bad Dad notes with Wasp

Evangeline Lilly Wasp film Ant-Man

Tony may have met Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), Janet Van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer), and possibly even Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) when he was younger. That’s plausible. We saw Howard Stark (John Slattery) and Hank working together in both Endgame and the first Ant-Man movie. Even though they had a falling out with Howard, it’s nice that Hank and Janet attended Tony‘s funeral in Endgame. In Marvel comics, Janet‘s Wasp and Tony‘s Iron Man were co-founders of the original Avengers and even dated for a little while. That’s another story.

The only Ant-Man character Tony Stark has met on-screen is Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), first towards the end of Civil War and then later in Endgame. After Hope Van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly) comes through the portals in Endgame, though, she doesn’t really interact with Iron Man. It’s a bummer they didn’t get a chance to meet, especially since their parents were coworkers. Then again, Scott Lang spat, “Hank Pym always said you never can trust a Stark” at Tony in Captain America: Civil War. If Hope grew up hearing that too, then maybe she isn’t interested in becoming pals.

Iron Man never had the pleasure of meeting Gamora

Gamora Guardians of The Galaxy

It’s actually a plot point in Infinity War that Tony Stark doesn’t know who Gamora (Zoe Saldana) is when he comes face to face with Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) and the Guardian squad. By the time Iron Man, Spider-Man (Tom Holland), and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) meet up with them in Infinity War, Gamora has already been kidnapped by Thanos. She dies on Vormir shortly thereafter. It’s actually pretty weird that they didn’t meet each other in Infinity War as the two of them are kind of the ensemble film’s two lead protagonists.

The “new” time-travelling 2014 version of Gamora doesn’t really get to meet Tony in Endgame, either. This is kind of a shame for the MCU, too, especially considering that Tony and Gamora absolutely hooked up in a comic too (it did not go well — your ships are still very much intact). Gamora isn’t the only Guardians character that never met Tony, but we’ll get to the other one in a minute.

Iron Man didn’t get to tour Shuri’s lab

Shuri | Black Panther

Black Panther‘s little sister had a really important role in Infinity War and got to be Science Bros with Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), but Iron Man was in space at that time. It’s possible that he hasn’t met Okoye (Danai Gurira) either, but since she represented Wakanda at Natasha‘s (Scarlett Johansson) holographic Zoom meetings during the Blip, it’s pretty likely that the Dora Milaje leader has “e-met” Tony at the very least. Even though he retired to the woods with Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) to raise Morgan (Lexi Rabe) in Endgame, he wasn’t totally off the grid. Shuri was taken by Thanos‘ snap, though, so we know she wasn’t around.

This does, however, raise an interesting question: has Tony Stark even been to Wakanda? He got close during the vibranium heist in Age of Ultron, but we have very little information on what he knew about the secret nation and its superscience. If T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) were harbouring Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) in Wakanda post-Civil War, then they probably weren’t expecting Mr. Stark to visit any time soon. It sure looks like he missed out on the world of Black Panther entirely. He never got to experience all of that advanced technology or Shuri‘s delightful personality.

Iron Man hasn’t paid respect to the King of Asgard, Valkyrie

Marvel Studios’ THOR: RAGNAROK..Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson)..Ph: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017

“Nice to meet you,” Peter Parker says to Valkyrie when they meet in Endgame‘s final battle. Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper) meets her in New Asgard when they go to get Thor in Endgame. She becomes good friends with the Hulk during Thor: Ragnarok. But unless Tony took a trip to Norway we don’t know about during the five years that pass in EndgameIron Man hasn’t actually met Asgard’s newest monarch. He also hasn’t met Lady Sif (Jaimie Alexander), the only surviving member of Thor‘s pals (RIP, the Warriors Three), either. Nor has he crossed paths with Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) or even future superhero Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), for that matter.

Almost all of the characters Iron Man hasn’t met are female. Are you noticing that too? Thankfully, representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is changing and expanding with every new entry. Plus, it’s not necessarily intentional that Tony didn’t meet these women in the final battle. If you check out Endgame‘s deleted scenes, there’s a sequence in which Iron Man is seen strategizing with Gamora, Wasp, Valkyrie, and Okoye (among others) that didn’t make it into the film. Hard to say it counts, but it’s certainly something to think about.

Iron Man never got to call Groot “Treebeard”

Groot in Avengers Infinity War

How the heck did Iron Man never meet Groot (Vin Diesel)? The sulking teenage tree is the other Guardians character, in addition to Gamora, who hasn’t had the pleasure of interacting with Tony Stark. In Infinity War, he was on a mission with Thor and Rocket to forge a new hammer when Tony met his friends. Then Groot joined the Wakanda fight with Thor and Rocket and got snapped by Thanos. Tony returned to Earth in Endgame and met Rocket Raccoon (who he thought was a Build-A-Bear) and worked with him on the Time Heist plan to retrieve the Infinity Stones. However, Groot didn’t show back up until the portals opened at the end of the film, missing Tony completely. Imagine the jokes Iron Man would have made if he really stopped to take notice of a sentient sapling fighting beside him. At least we’ll always have Cap formally introducing himself to Groot in Infinity War.

If you really want to nitpick, Tony also never met Howard the Duck (Seth Green), who shows up in the end credits sequence of Guardians of the Galaxy, but maybe that’s for the best. Even the most ambitious crossover event in history couldn’t get to everyone.

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Thor Has ONE Same Power as Superman (But He Never Uses It)

Marvel’s Thor is the most powerful force, as God of Thunder is one of the strongest heroes in his entire universe. Meanwhile, in the DC Universe, some heroes or villains are empowered as Superman. However, in addition to the powers in the respective universes, the two leaders share the same power: super-breathing.

Thor and Superman

Kryptonian has Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Super-Hearing, can fly, practically invulnerable to attacks, has X-ray Vision and Super-Breath. Thor is also super strong and with his trusty hammer Mjolnir, he can fly in his own special way. One power that fans don’t know about him is that Thor once had super-breaths, but Marvel forgot about it.

Journey Into Mystery # 86 (1962) by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Larry Lieber, Dick Ayers, and Artie Simek tells us the story of a scientist named Zarrko from the future, who is upset to see that humanity is completely at peace. Zarrko wants to conquer his utopian society and build a time machine to go back to the early 1960s so that he could steal nuclear bombs.

After he successfully steals the ‘C-bomb’ and returns to the future, Thor travels through time (with Odin’s help) to stop the mad scientist. After being trapped by Zarrko, Thor confronts him. He pulls out a “delta-electron gun” in an attempt to send Thor into another dimension. Thor turns the gun blast with his own “big breath.”

Thor’s Superbreath

Thor’s “big breath” finally helps him in his quest to prevent Zarrco from bombing humanity. However, this superpower has never been revisited by Marvel. In the golden age of comics, heroes were given plenty of powers just for convenience. Like Superman’s “Super-Math?”

Thor’s super-breathing may not have the same freezing effect as Superman’s super-breathing, but it packed the same punch, as it gave Thor the power to produce a massive gust of air. Fortunately, in this story, it helped him locate the villain before dropping bombs in an attempt to win the world.


Who knows, maybe, one day Thor’s this superpower super-breath will be revisited – but, taking into account that it’s been more than half a century since it first made an appearance, you shouldn’t hold your breath.

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The SEVEN Most Powerful Alien Races in The Marvel Universe

The Marvel universe is one of the most populous and diverse universes in comic books and as well as movies. There is no shortage of alien races (friendly and hostile) who have their own version of superheroes and supervillains. They may not be as clear as Earth, however, let’s face it; humans are simply weaker than other alien races in the Marvel universe.


The Earth is really at the mercy of the Avengers and powerful alien races, who fortunately do not see humans as slaves. There are some alien beings in the Marvel universe that make us look like bacteria, by comparison, FIVE of them reminding humans not to be overly enthusiastic here.


Kree Marvel

They are the nemesis alien race of the Skrulls. The two wage perpetual wars against each other from time to time; nevertheless, it is the Kree that dominates the military and the technology. They also love to engage in some genetic experiments and were responsible for creating Inhumans.

In addition to that, they also know how to create their own Ultron version without failing the same way humans do. Kree has been successful in inventing giant autonomous robots called Kree Sentry that can last for thousands of years and can also fight for them. Last but definitely not the least, they have Ronan the Accuser and Mar-Vel (the man responsible for making Carol Danvers Captain Marvel).



If you live in an extra-dimensional pocket of the universe from all the wars of the Kree, the Skrulls and the Shi’ar, you certainly don’t want anything else. It radiates the Asgardians (humanoid divine “aliens“). However, despite Asgard’s beautiful sunny paradise, they aren’t afraid when it comes to protecting his house.

They have the biggest heavy-hitters in Marvel. To name a few Thor, Odin, Hela, Loki, etc., and have different modes of travel around. Against the Shi’ar, it is a real close fight, but the Asgardians might eventually end up winning. They are multi-dimensional mini-gods fighting the traditional alien race.


The Watchers and The Stan Lee| Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2

One of the oldest alien races ever- which just wants to record stuff.
The Watchers prefers in staying true to their name, they watch. They use tremendous power through the knowledge of their universe but refrain from using it for their own benefit. It’s not fair to judge them against races that have their own military and technological powers, but the Watchers deserve to be at the top of the list for their strength and defiance against the Celestial.


The Elders

Being immortal, there really isn’t much to do besides their hobbies.
One of them, the Ego, likes to create stuff (depicted as Planetary Celestial in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2), and the other, the Grandmaster just loves to create games for humans. Each elder respects the other and treats other elders as brothers or sisters, yet they do not associate with one another.


The Celestials

They stand among the oldest and most powerful beings in the universe and their creator, FIRST FIRMAMENT, they can create life. They can also create death, and some people want to toy with life. This angered the FIRST FIRMAMENT and led to a war between loyal Celestials (called Aspirants) and rebels. The First Firmament and Aspirants lost and fled to another reality.

It left Celestials to do as they please. And they chose to interfere with human life and caused all sorts of evolutionary and cosmic changes there, giving birth to superheroes and mutants. Oh, they are also immortal, and their cosmic powers are vast and beyond measure – perhaps without limitations.


The Infinites

Celestials can be as powerful as they are still made of a little bit of organic matter (they have skulls and brains), meaning they are physical beings. That means they can still be defeated and most of them have been in Marvel Comics. Infinites, on the other hand, are abstract beings; they also use incalculable power and can easily move through several multiverses.


The Beyonders


Their name describes what they are. They don’t exist in the multiverse. They come from the outer dimension of the multiverse and are close to the Almighty. For that matter, no one has seen Beyonders. These aliens send their agents to deal with the denizens of the multiverse. To give you an idea of ​​their vastness, they can collect planets as trinkets.

Beyonders like to experiment and toy with the multiverse, just like an aquarium. At one point, they even managed to kill all the Celestials with other abstract beings, such as Eternity and Infinity, only for the sake of experimentation.

They are not invincible still; Doctor Doom was able to steal the power of a Beyonder and literally become a God of Multiverse. Still, there is no doubt that they are the most powerful alien race in Marvel.

Loki Marvel Movies

Every Theory About What Must have Started The Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange is returning in 2021 with the Multiverse of Madness. But what accounts for the Multiverse of Madness? Here are the theories.

Marvel fans are already familiar with the Multiverse concept; A series of alternate Earths and parallel universes, where differences can be infinitely small or devastatingly large. Marvel Studios’ maiden animated show What If? will explore these different timelines, including Hawkeye and Peggy Carter becoming Captain America.

Feature image for villain of Doctor strange 2

Doctor Strange 2 potentially sends Doctor Strange through the Multiverse, fights and finds a way to return to his land, which in the process can save the Multiverse. But what drives Doctor Strange’s journey through the Multiverse? What begins with the ‘Multiverse of Madness‘? Here are all the theories that have been established so far.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch in Avengers Endgame

From the brief glimpses of WandaVision that the audiences have already seen, Wanda looks to be living many lives with her dead lover Vision in some sort of warped reality/dream state.

This has in result led to the theory that Wanda has either already flown through the Multiverse in WandaVision, or that she has been trapped by her enemies in a dream, or that she has lost her mind and has begun to create alternate realities for herself.

Scarlet Witch causing the Multiverse of madness is very likely, thanks to her reality-warping powers like creating House of M. If Marvel Studios had to use House of M alternate reality, they could eventually bring the X-Men to the MCU.



Recent pictures have shown Loki as a prisoner of the Time Variance Authority after moving through time. Concept art shows Loki in New York in the 1970s, and the time cops aren’t too happy with their interference with time/space continuity. Could such an intervention lead to Multiverse of Madness? Certainly, Loki 2012 does not exist outside of that timeline.

2019 Loki is killed by Thanos, and Loki’s continued survival means a mess to the Multiverse, as the Ancient One explained in Endgame; Consider him a strong contender for the eponymous insanity in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The Avengers

Avengers Endgame Poster

Though Captain America returned all the Infinity Stones, each stone is still removed from place and time where it was supposed to be.

This removal of the Time Stone – not to mention others – led to a destruction of realities that the Ancient One warned. The disturbing fact is that the Avengers may have caused the start of Multiverse‘s fracture in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


Thanos In Avengers Endgame

The Ancient One warns Hulk beforehand that the removal of the Time Stone leaves the universe defenceless against any number of threats. One theory is that Thanos’ destruction of every Stones removes the very basis of creation, thus potentially resulting in chaos and danger in the entire Multiverse.

If the destruction of Thanos‘s Infinity Stones causes the Multiverse to collapse itself – the real Multiverse of MadnessDoctor Strange needs all the help he can get in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.



In the Doctor Strange, we Sorcerer Supreme best the Dormammu by trapping him in an infinite web of being confronted by Strange and murdering him multiple times.

It urged Dormammu to assure that he would not invade Earth again and that his word bounds the multidimensional creature; though this does not mean that fans will never see them again. If Dormammu comes for Doctor Strange 2, he could be getting revenge on him by way of causing the multiverse madness.


Image by Dread Central

The Nightmare could be the obvious reason for the Multiverse of Madness.

If we compile the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of the Madness by WandaVision, one theory is that the Nightmare is responsible for sending Maximoff back to his beloved Vision for a re-imagining of a beautiful life.

The brief footage from WandaVision shows Wanda and Vision in several different sitcom-esque scenarios. It can be the dream dimension in action; When combined with Wanda‘s reality-transforming powers, this could be the beginning of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. However, after Derrickson has moved from the director’s chair, the addition of the Nightmare is now less likely.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom

At the moment, any theory that suggests Doctor Doom is a villain in Multiverse of Madness is a pure guess. The emphasis on Doctor Doom as a wizard and a second scientist in the current comic book series suggests that appearing in the Doctor Strange franchise may be the first step for Doom in the MCU.

His magical abilities can undoubtedly help him flow through the Multiverse, but time will tell if Doctor Doom is responsible for the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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This culmination of more than 20 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise did not just dampen the superhero convention – here, the good guys lose, and they lose hard – leading to a year of mystery and speculations. It’s really amazing to think about how big Avengers: Infinity War was only later to be dwarfed by Avengers: Endgame.

But it is important to lose. Superheroes aren’t made to fail. They must beat the bad guy and win.

But Avengers: Infinity War, for all its faults, did one thing incredibly well: it allowed the good guys to lose. Because without that L, the year later would mean nothing. That’s why you should watch Avengers: Infinity War before it leaves Netflix on June 24th.

With all of Disney‘s content, especially Marvel movies, migrating to Disney+, this is your last chance to stream Avengers: Infinity War before you need a Disney+ subscription.

If you come across this website often, chances are you have already seen Avengers: Infinity War.

image: Thanos| Avengers Infinity War

But in case you haven’t, here’s a sneak peek- a crossover of virtually all Marvel franchises, Joe and Anthony Russo‘s Avengers: Infinity War includes “alien super-creature Thanos,” in his quest for “Infinity Stones” – six powerful gems that would grant him incredible power. Thanos hopes to use Infinity Stones to erase out half the universe, and Marvel’s superheroes have a team to stop him.

But if you thought Infinity War would end with the Avengers‘ fists held high, you were wrong. In an ending that may have traumatized an entire generation of moviegoers, beloved heroes were reduced to dust and ash. It wasn’t a death, really, but it was an erasure that showed just how brittle and fragile we all are, even if we have superpowers.

Calling Infinity War a “risk” is a bit absurd considering the over-familiarity of the Marvel brand by its audience and the heaps of money in marketing behind it. But something is daring and dangerous in these two and a half hours. The entire movie clings onto the audience that accepts its protagonists lose, only to return after a whole year for any resolution. And what a decision it was.


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Guess Who Is Chris Evans Favourite Marvel Superhero? (No, It’s Not Captain America)

He may have played Captain America in various Marvel films, but this character is not his favourite. In an interview with Style magazine, Chris Evans said his favourite was Spider-Man since childhood. The actor said, “I love Captain America, but Spider-Man is my childhood hero. I loved doing scenes like tying myself to the sides of buildings and trying to leap from one building to another.”

Captain America| Captain America: Winter Soldier

“I would have hated wearing a Spider-Man mask. I am very claustrophobic, and I doubt if I can wear that kind of full suit and mask for hours a day on one set. I really like my Captain America outfit, which I think is cool anyway!” Evans added.

Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War

The actor said that it wasn’t an easy choice for him to play Captain America. He said, “I was very worried about not being able to walk down the street without being recognised because I like my anonymity. But the greater worry was the commitment to a long-term contract and knowing that for potentially the next ten years of your life you’re going to be playing the same character. It was not an easy decision, but now I’m very happy with it.”

He also spoke about the unpredictability of being an actor. “You can’t allow your success to define your identity or happiness. You have to keep that separate. Every actor who’s struggling at the beginning will tell you about how unpredictable the business is, and you never know whether you’re going to get a call-back or whether you’re as good as you hope you are.”

Chris Evans

He continued, “There are a lot of very talented actors out there who don’t make it. It’s a very fragile kind of world. But there’s something addictive about acting. When you get into it, really into it, there’s no better feeling than that. You feel such a rush when you know you’ve given a good performance that lives up to your expectations. That’s what keeps you going.”

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Will Marvel Studios Delay Black Widow Again?

In the coming weeks, theatre chains across the world will be offering a good’ol college effort as theatres reopen, as more and more countries are trying to kickstart their economy after a coronavirus shutdown. Despite the gradual reopening of public spaces around the world, one thing is clear – the spread of COVID-19 is again growing and that too at a never-before rate.

In some places, the reported cases are now growing faster than ever before. As caseloads continue to grow, one has to wonder – will Black Widow make it to the theatres by November?

Scarlett Johansson in Avengers Endgame Poster as Black Widow

Over the weekend, Warner Brothers adjusted its release slate by pushing back half a dozen movies various amounts of time. In the case of Christopher Nolan‘s Tenet, the movie was only delayed two weeks; in the case of Matrix 4, the movie was delayed nearly an entire year.

As of now, there’s been no indication that Disney and Marvel Studios plan to delay any of their movies and Mulan is now the next wide release to open in theatres as it stands sturdy on its July 17th release. With the business week just hours away, that could change at the drop of a hat.

New coronavirus cases have been growing rapidly in major metro areas – New York City, Los Angeles, and the like. Though theatres are slowly implementing their grand reopening plans, it won’t take much longer before we’re back where we were in March – a time when movies and going to the cinema was the least of anyone’s worries.


As of Sunday, a staggering 2.09 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the United States, 115,732 cases of which have resulted in death. Internationally, officials in Beijing were quick to shutter public entertainment venues – including movie theatres and sports stadiums – the same day just three cases were reported after two months of no new cases.

Though some experts have long-suggested the United States would get a second wave of the coronavirus later this year as the weather turned cold once again, Harvard doctor Dr Ashish Jha said in a new NPR report Sunday that the country has yet to officially make it through the “first wave,” per se.


Currently, Black Widow is set to release on November 6th.
Do you think the MCU movies will go under another round of schedule changes? Ponder over it and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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James Gunn Shares This Funny Introduction Between Tom Holland and Stan Lee

As we know today, Marvel’s co-creator, Stan “The Man” Lee, is larger than life. And by all accounts, he had a sense of humour.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn seems to be answering the question on his social media accounts today.

He was answering questions about whether or not he would ever steer the Avengers movie, and whether fans will ever let Dave Bautista perform his signature wrestling move of Drax in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

Tom Holland Stan Lee

A fan asked James in his Instagram Stories if he had any stories to tell about Stan Lee. Gunn responded with the following: “After Tom was hired to play Spider-Man, I introduced him to Tom Holland. Stan said,” Yes! I hear you are great! Personally, I don’t see it! “And we all died laughing.

You can see the screenshot of Gunn‘s Instagram story below:


Now obviously, Stan was joking with his thoughts on taking on the role of Spider-Man. But it is also interesting to know that James was present there and actually introduced them to this particular moment. Spider-Man has always had a special significance for Stan as a character so that you can imagine Holland as little more than a starstruck.

It seems like everybody who has met Stan Lee has some story to share or a complimentary thought. Stan is dearly missed. It’s always a good thing to see his memory live on in little anecdotes such as this.

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Marvel Phase 4 Is Giving These MCU Characters A Second Chance

Phase 4 is giving a lot of MCU characters a second chance. For all its success since its launch with Iron Man in 2008, MCU has faced its fair share of road bumps, both on and off-screen. Everyone knows that MCU has issues when it comes to its portrayal of women in the past, often failing to give them the same development as their male peers.

For example, Jane Foster and her assistant Darcy Lewis have not been seen since Thor: The Dark World (flashback aside), and Sharon Carter has been off the radar since the events of Captain America: Civil War. Interestingly, all three get another shot at success in Phase 4.


Back at the San Diego Comic-Con, Thor: Love & Thunder director Taika Waititi confirmed that Natalie Portman would be returning as Jane, also will transform into Mighty Thor in the film. Sharon and Darcy are heading back to Stage 4. The former will play a recurring role in The Falcon and Winter Soldier, while the latter is part of the Scarlet Witch and Vision show, WandaVision.

For the most part, these characters did not fail because they were ill-conceived; The MCU couldn’t figure out what to do with them. In the first Thor movie, Jane was introduced as a driven scientist, but in The Dark World, she served a little more than a glorified vessel for Ether. Her absence in Thor: Ragnarok was described with a throwing line about her and Thor breaking up.

Sharon got a similar raw deal; after being introduced as a capable SHIELD agent in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he shared a strange kiss with Steve Rogers in the Civil War and disappeared. Of the three, Darcy has always been meant to be simple, yet the Thor movies fail to do anything other than giving her tired jokes.

All these characters have the ability to shine more in the 4th phase. Falcon and the Winter Soldier promise to portray Sharon in a more complex light by portraying her as a former government agent on the run, and against the Civil War Baron Helmut Zemo. Jane as Mighty Thor should have a similar meaty arc, uniquely if the movie adapts part or all of her cancer storylines from comic books. All of these characters have the potential to shine more in Phase 4.

Darcy also needs to feel more at home in the wacky-weird world of WandaVision, the series bringing back Randall Park‘s Jimmy Woo for more lively antics from Ant-Man and Wasp. With some luck, all of these supporting players have a stronger impact in their second go-round at MCU than their first run.

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Even ‘Avengers: Endgame’ 7 Year Old Star Couldn’t Escape the Worst Part of Celebrity Life

Seven-year-old Lexi Rabe won fans’ hearts with, “I Love You 3,000.” This is how her character Morgan and her father Tony Stark expressed their love for each other. But while most people thought she was adorable, not everyone was feeling the same way about the little actress.

A fan was offended



According to Deadline, Rabe‘s trouble began when a fan approached her and her family at a mall in Los Angeles. When he did not have the opportunity to speak with her, he became angry, so he took his complaint to social media.

His attack on the little girl was not the first she suffered, as Rabe‘s mother Jessica decided she had had enough. She posted an appeal on Instagram, asking for bullies to back off.
The post features a video from a little star who talks about her being just a child to her parents. Her mother added a caption, explaining her feelings about the situation:

View this post on Instagram

I hate that we even have to post this. But yet again Lexi’s getting bullied. And this kind of thing makes it celebrities never want to leave the house never want to meet people. Please keep your opinions to yourself so Lexi can grow up in the free world. She’s a normal human being and she’s a child. We give her a talking and we give her timeouts but we don’t do that in public. Sometimes were rushing from place to place stressed like everyone else to get to set on time or work or whatever and we seem a little grumpy. I’m sorry if you see us this way but that’s life! If you ask us for an autograph we always almost say yes. If we happen to be having a bad day that might put us right on the right! We are not perfect! These perfect children are not being given the freedoms and the rights that they should. If your child is so scared to be themselves in public and mess up a little then you’re over parenting. We give our children plenty of rules and boundaries But then give them the freedoms to mess up and learn from their own mistakes. They would not be on set an on movies if they weren’t well behaved. Trust me they have no desire to hire kids like that! And there were plenty of children that productions can work with. So if you see us in public and think you have the right to judge. Wait. Number one until you have children of your own, and Number two realize that we’re not perfect and we’re not claiming to be! But just try to realize the different strokes for different folks what you do with your kids may work for you and what I do with my kids works well for me. My children love me and respect me even if they act out sometimes. Thank you! Jessica!

A post shared by Lexi Rabe (@lexi_rabe) on

“Yet again Lexi’s getting bullied. And this kind of thing makes it celebrities never want to leave the house never want to meet people. Please keep your opinions to yourself, so Lexi can grow up in the free world. She’s a normal human being, and she’s a child.”

It is overwhelming to see at other young stars’ experiences on social media, clearly, Rabe isn’t the only target of online abuse.

Other famous kids who have been attacked

Anonymous online “trolls” are famous for being cruel. Adults understand that this is part of online life, especially if you are famous, children are more vulnerable to their cruelty. Many young stars have deleted their social media accounts to stay away from abuse.

One such actress, Millie Bobby Brown, became famous for her role in the Netflix hit Stranger Things. Brown was only 12 when the series started, but that didn’t stop people from attacking her. People made cruel memes, labelled her pictures with homophobic slurs. They went too far as to create the hashtag #TakeDownMillieBobbyBrown.


She had to delete her Twitter account for a while so she could escape bullying.

Some of the other actresses who have endured this kind of cyberbullying as children include: Ariel Winter, Emma Watson and Selena Gomez. And while Rabe‘s experience of being targeted at age 7 seems like the most extreme example, it’s not even the youngest child going through this.

Take out some time to process this information.

Death threats for a newborn

When singer Adele gave birth to her son in 2012, the reaction of most people was joyful congratulations. But for others, it was just an opportunity to be mean. According to Yahoo, Adele‘s Twitter was inundated with life-threatening threats directed at her newborn. It was so bad she left Twitter for a while.

Hopefully, online communities will be less tolerant of bullying behaviour, no matter whoever it is. Especially for children, it is unacceptable for strangers to be cruel. As Rabe says in her video, “Please don’t hurt my family. Or me.

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Most Avengers Except Captain America Are Unworthy to Lift Mjolnir Because Of These Reasons

Captain America couldn’t hold Mjolnir before the Endgame because he kept Bucky’s secret. Here’s why the other Avengers aren’t worth it.

Fans began to understand what Mjolnir deserved Thor when Odin cast a double spell on it with the following inscription: “Whosoever holds this hammer if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”


The other original Avengers were not worthy because they were never unselfish, never sacrificed for the greater good or the bravery that never manifested.

Iron Man


He remains an Iron Man to deal with his fraudulent weapons business. He creates Ultron, so the Avengers are no longer needed. Ultron destroys Sokovia, endangering the Avengers. He never really got redemption.
When he first refuses to contact Thanos’ cancellation of Snap, even after starting the family, Tony can’t leave it, and Pepper recognizes it.

The Hulk


Natasha puts it best in Age of Ultron, which is how Bruce always runs from the fight, and the others run towards it. He never wants to be a hero, and he always joins in the fight when he has no other choice. In Thor: Ragnarok, he became The Hulk again to save the Asgardians, even though he knew he might not be Bruce again because he didn’t see it any other way.

Black Widow


She doesn’t give up after Snap, trying to help the Avengers as a hero, but there’s always unfinished business. She acts unselfishly, but she is never really selfless. She is haunted by her past, and sacrificing herself is partly to save Hawkeye and his family, but ultimately to redeem it.


Hawkeye in Avengers 2012

Hawkeye keeps trying to retire for a good reason. He has a wife and children, but when he needs to be a hero, he returns. However, when his family disappears after Snap, he goes on a killing spree.

The original Avengers were all heroic, but they never deserved Mjolnir. The key to worthiness is total selflessness and complete absolution. Some may disagree and believe Captain America was always worthy of it; he is still one of the original Avengers along with Thor, who deserves Mjolnir.