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Celebrities Reaction to Biden-Harris Win


America is celebrating Biden Harris win like never before. Celebrities have jumped up and down the bed, shed tears of joy, and some even went to the streets to celebrate.

Trump has been very rude to many celebrities, lacked the factor of compassion or decency and his loss is literally something all of these people were waiting for so badly.

We bring to you every hilarious reaction, moving Tweets, and just hard-core pun tweets from celebrities.

Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games alum is actually from a democratic family. She, on the other hand, has been very vocal about letting Trump know that he sucks. She threw a one-member party before her house in Boston. She shared the video of her running and screaming down the block in celebration.

Chrissy Teigen

The singer, John Legend’s model wife, has been now and then under a lot of trouble for openly posting her views about Trump through Tweets. Trump calls her the “filthy-mouthed wife” of the singer in his tweet. So, you know how her reaction would’ve been seeing his loss. Not only was her tweet hilarious, but it was relatable too. She and Legend also went on a car rally to celebrate Biden’s victory.


Cher has been insulted by the ex-president too. She not only jumped up and down in joy, but she also tweeted that she so badly wanted to share an ugly picture of Trump and bully him now, but she wouldn’t do it as Biden wouldn’t like that.

Mindy Kaling

Now to the emotional tweets. Mindy Kaling shared a picture of Kamala Harris present and younger age black and white photo and captioned that she is holding her daughter tight and crying and mumbling, “look, baby, she looks like us.”

Kardashian Clan

Every Kardashian Jenner sister expressed their happiness, well, other than Kylie. While Khloe tweeted, she wanted to cry tears of joy, Kim and Kourtney, who would’ve probably voted for Kanye West, so kept it minimal and just shared their congratulations with a blue heart. An unexpected one was Kendal being very vocal all of a sudden on how she is relieved, emotional,  and filled with joy.

Miley Cyrus

Miley took the victory and threw it back to one of her worldwide hit songs, Party in the USA. She shared Biden’s video and wrote, “Now THIS is a PARTY IN THE USA.”

Marvel Stars Reaction

Mark Ruffalo

Mark has been rooting for this God knows how many years. He is a person with a kind heart and an incomparable sympathy towards the common good. He obviously took it to celebrate in the best way possible. He sent a tribute to all the people who died. Aww, man, this guy is just a beautiful soul.

Kumail Nanjiani

The actor of Marvel’s Eternals took to his Twitter to give a pat on his back for predicting how good it will be if Bidden won.

Chris Evans


Evans‘ hate for Trump is more than Captain America’s hate for bad words. He took a dig at Trump for one last time. Trump had tweeted that he had won the election and by a lot, so Evans couldn’t help but correct him on that. Other than that, Evans retweeted Kamala Harris’ video of her calling Biden and saying that they won.

Paul Bettany

You would think he would be stuck in proving the ‘I am not a robot’ thingy and won’t have time to Tweet but guess not. He made sure to rub Trump’s face on the mud as much as he can. He even shared a screenshot of a Flight ticket from Washington to Russia, indicating Trump to go there.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga had openly supported Biden and Harris and have even participated in the election rally and supported him. Trump obviously insulted her for that, but she didn’t rub it in. She just celebrated the victory, congratulated everyone, and thanked the people who voted.


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