Chadwick Boseman: In Memoriam

The unexpected

It was just another day in the ever dragging August of summer 2020. Like every morning I got up and my hands reached my cracked up the phone to begin my morning ritual and for a moment my whole world stood still. The message from the Boseman family about the demise of Mr.Chadwick Aaron Boseman was a tough one to receive.

I wasn’t in any way a fan of Chadwick and I’m still comprehending the reason why his death has affected me so much. He was black other to me and it is with quite a shame I admit that I haven’t caught up with his other works. But to hear such news suddenly was not acceptable at all. Perhaps it was the suddenness or perhaps it was the man himself that has caused me to mourn home for so long.

The Man

A private memorial for him was held in Malibu last weekend nearly two weeks after his death. It was learned to be simple and graceful just like the man himself.

What I have learned through reports was a simple flower arrangement was kept next to his photo and music from a hang drum was part of the service. Who was Chadwick and why has he left such a deep effect on the lives of so many.

Chadwick was a kind of human being whose trace lives with you ever after long. He had a kind of quite Aura around the home that affected everyone who came in contact with him. The more I learn about the man the more graceful he becomes in my eyes. To look suffering in the face and defying to give in to it.

To comfort those who are suffering from the same and to give them joy and happiness even for a few is a priceless gift. To be able to choose to undergo the suffering in silence and still have the courage to impart a God-given gift to the masses takes a different kind of strength.

He played a hero on the big screen and it’s only now I realize that he was a hero all along. To carry himself without showing the sheer exhaustion of doing such big roles to put himself through extenuating situations all because he wanted to give his people the representation that they needed and all the while battling for his life makes him a legend in my eyes.

The Legacy

Chadwick teaches us one of the important lessons in life. In his own words

“The struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose”

he chose to accept his struggles because he had already found his purpose. His purpose way to pave way for many like him to come out and show the world their legacy and heritage.

With Chadwick, there wouldn’t be the representation that the black heritage has now. He accepted his struggle and never blamed anyone including himself for it. In the time he was given he lived for his purpose and used his gifts and his parents for a higher purpose.

To choose to keep his condition away from the public eye and even when he was bullied and called names for the deteriorating health he chooses to remain silent. Both of these are important lessons for the present generation. To keep your life private gives you power unimaginable.

The most important one is to never judge anyone for anything. Chadwick’s life teaches us the importance of finding our purpose and no matter what we may face along the way to keep ongoing. To face life with defiance to fight for what is right and just. To leave behind a legacy that would live on forever.

One of my favorite quotes from John Milton’s Paradise Lost is

“Grace was in all her steps, heaven in her eye, in every gesture dignity and love”

and nothing could describe Chadwick better than this. I have resorted to calling him by his first name because I fell he is someone dear to me who I have lost and that’s how I am certain that many of us feel. Chadwick there was grace in every moment of your life, you carried a little heaven with you wherever you went and to all the people you met, you gave them your love and grace. What a beautiful life you had lived. Your legacy will be there forever. Rest in Power King.

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