Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson reveal their reactions on Endgame

Avengers Endgame

Warning: Keep your tissues handy, you’ll be needing them for this article.

During a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, Captain America aka Chris Evans confessed that he cried and choked during the first hour of the film also revealing that it is a “3-hour long saga”. Making it probably the longest Marvel film ever.

The actor said :

“It’s a good one. It’s a really good one,” said Chris. “This one’s really good. I choked up like 3 times.” And that’s just the first hour!

He even went on to joke about his fate

“After I die by Tony’s hand, I just said, ‘You know what? I can’t watch this,'” Chris said in jest.

“It’s hard, seeing my own death. It’s going to be a long movie, that’s for sure. The first edit clocked in over 3 hours. My funeral’s like an hour.”

These are absolutely ridiculous remarks about the movie by Chris and we sincerely hope he’s messing with us.

Though other actors like Robert Downey Jr aka Iron man, Brie Larson aka Captain Marvel have chosen to remain tight-lipped on the film and rightfully so. We respect that. Marvels fans don’t want anything ruining the experience of watching the film without any spoilers beforehand.

When asked if she had seen anything from Endgame Scarlett Johansson aka Black Widow said :

“I have. From what I can tell, what’s foremost in the [Russo] Brother’ minds is really delivering something that is a poetic and beautiful Valentine to a decade of madness.”

This does nothing but increases the anticipation and excitement about the final installment. Isn’t it 26th already?

Much of Avengers: Endgame is still a mystery, as the Russo Brothers have gone out of their way to keep the new footage released so far in trailers and teases minimal and fragmented. So, full credit to the editing team. It’s not actors who are under pressure when such a big film hits the theatres. A lot of the burden is equally shared by the editors, if the trailer’s no good how do you expect the fans to expect anything good out of the film!

Endgame will follow up one of the biggest cliff-hanger endings ever in Avengers: Infinity War, which ended with half the universe fading out of existence thanks to Thanos’ snap with the Infinity Gauntlet, including many of the heroes we’ve come to love, like Spider-Man, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, and more.

It’s almost hard to believe, but we’re only about a month and a half away from the arrival of Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, the final chapter in a storyline that began just over a decade ago. What’s even more remarkable is we don’t actually know that much about how Endgame‘s going to function. How will the events of Avengers: Infinity War be reversed? Will time travel be involved? Maybe a trip into the Quantum Realm? Who’ll survive this movie, and who will remain dead?

So many questions, so many theories. Only one answer.

Arriving in your nearest movie theatres on 26th April. Till then, let’s prolong the hype train.


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