Chris Evans REALLY Returning to MCU? | The Questions Annoys Chris Evans!

Chris Evans revealed his true feelings about constantly being asked about a potential MCU return as Steve Rogers/Captain America.

Fans have been calling for Evans’ Avenger to return to the MCU ever since he departed to be with Peggy Carter in Avengers: Endgame. This comes even as Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson begins his early days in the patriotic mantle, with the former Falcon set to lead Captain America: New World Order next year.

A Marvel comeback has been the subject of many interview questions for Evans as he promotes his post-MCU projects including Ghosted, Lightyear, and Knives Out. Most of these questions have generated a similar answer about his fondness for his superhero tenure and fear of ruining it with another appearance.

Are Captain America Return Questions Annoying Chris Evans?

Speaking with AP Entertainment, the MCU’s Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, actor Chris Evans addressed whether he is tired of being asked about a potential return to the superhero franchise.

The MCU veteran said he doesn’t find the questions “annoying at all” because he “[loves] that chapter of [his] life.” Although that’s also one of the reasons he remains unsure about coming back:

“It’s not annoying at all. I love that role. I love that chapter of my life. And it’s because of that love that I’m apprehensive of doing any more, because I’m just so precious about it, you know? You don’t want to tarnish this great thing that I got to be a part of.”


Evans also commented on his post-Marvel life in an interview with People Magazine. The actor noted how “you’d be a real jerk to not enjoy” making superhero movies as it delivers on a common childhood dream:

“Oh my God, you’d be a real jerk to not enjoy it. You get paid to take care of yourself and be a superhero. This is like what you [dream of doing] as a kid. You run around your backyard and pretend to be a comic book character. It’s been one of the greatest joys of my life to kind of dive in and prepare for these movies.”

Speaking on bringing his superhero life to an end, while Evans says he was initially “very happy to have a break,” four years later, he “[misses] it now:”

“They’re challenging but the beauty is the movies are great and you get out what you put in. It’s been a wonderful very symbiotic relationship so I’ve been thrilled to do it. When the movies end, you’re very happy to have a break but very quickly you miss it. I miss it now. But I’m very grateful, very happy to have been a part of them.”

Chris Evans’ MCU Return Chances Explained

Chris Evans has previously spoken about how important his time as Captain America was to him, so it comes as no surprise he loves talking about it. Although that fondness is also among the reasons the actor is hesitant to return to the MCU, as he feels “precious” and “protective” of his Steve Rogers:

“Oh man, you know, as much as I would love to. That was such a special time in my life. I’m very precious with the character, That’s the problem. I’m so protective of it.”

He added in that same conversation with Good Morning America that a return to the MCU would take the “right reasons [and] right timing” down the line:

“To come back, it would have to be for the right reasons, right timing. It feels a little too soon. Anthony Mackie is Captain America right now. There are other stories to tell. For now, we ended on such a good note. I would be too worried about tarnishing…”

And as Evans himself stated, Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson is Captain America now, which is something he even made abruptly clear on Twitter. So even if the actor was game for more MCU fun if the right story came around in the future, finding his place would be tough with his former mantle now filled.

The actor even expressed to MTV News’ Josh Horowitz before how it would be “an easier sell” for him to reprise his Human Torch from 2005’s Fantastic Four than Captain America because “he didn’t really get his day:”

“I mean, I guess all bets are off. Yeah. Look, I would love it. I would love it. That would actually be an easier sell to me than coming back as Cap. You know what I mean? Cap is so precious to me. And you know, I almost don’t wanna disrupt what a beautiful experience that was. But Johnny Storm, I feel like he didn’t really get his day. That was before Marvel really found its footing. So I loved that role and, you know, who knows.”

Knowing Evans’ hesitation to rejoin the MCU, Marvel Studios will have to come up with an exceptional story to get him back in the stars and stripes. Many will undoubtedly be hoping the studio will be able to do so to bring Evans’ Captain America and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man back for Avengers: Secret Wars.

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