Chris Hemsworth Reveals the Story Behind Naming his Daughter India

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth looks like have some deep connection with India. And no, it didn’t stem from his recent visit to India to shoot for his new series, Dhaka. Fans can remember when he made that surprise trip, wore kurta pajama and made us all go awww.

The Reason Revealed

The connection is actually related to his daughter, who ICYMI, is named after our country, India!

The Australian hunk is married to Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, and the couple has three children—7-year-old daughter India Rose and 5-year-old twin boys, Tristan and Sasha, Of course, his Indian fans have often wondered why the couple named their daughter after India.

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Hemsworth is currently in the middle of a promotional tour for Men in Black: International, in which he stars alongside his Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame co-star Tessa Thompson.

And during one of the interviews in Bali, Hemsworth revealed the reason behind naming his daughter India.

“My wife (Elsa Pataky) spent a lot of time in India and that was where the name originally came from.”

Elsa, Chris’s wife loved India a lot, so both had trips to India together. A reporter asked Chris if his daughter also makes through a trip to India in the future. Chris Hemsworth told TOI:

“Yes, I’ll take my kids to India for sure! I had security and all, but even that was intimidating, you know.”

But of course, security was one of his chief concerns, considering Indian crowds can be a bit intimidating for international celebrities that aren’t used to it.

“I guess I look comfortable [in social media posts]… and I am so appreciative of that sort of reception. I have never experienced anything like that ever like, to that level. But it also kind of made me go, ‘Wow, so many people!’ If they sort of wanted to swamp that set, they could have easily.”

Chris Opens About His Love to India

Opening up about his love for the country, the Thor star said:

“I love the place and the people. Shooting there… There were thousands of people on the streets every day and I have never experienced that on set. It was sort of intimidating as it was exciting because there were so many people.”

“After every take (when the director) called ‘cut’, there was loud cheer. We felt like rock stars in a stadium. But the warmth and support we got while shooting there, no matter how disruptive we were to their daily lives, it was so good. People were so positive. I have huge appreciation to that,” he added.

Currently, Chris Hemsworth is ready to take on box office again with the third installment of Men In Black franchise, Men In Black: International.

The movie is going to hit theaters on June 14, releasing in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu in India.

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