Chris Hemsworth Wants to Do More Thor Movies for Marvel Studios

Marvel studios have kept its future plans in dark and are reluctant to reveal anything about MCU beyond Spider-Man: Far From Home in July.

Fans and media are full of rumors around the MCU’s next future steps, we now know that at least one of the original Avengers is on board for more movies.

Chris Hemsworth talks about his Character, THOR!

Chris Hemsworth has been talking of the town now for its funny, comic appearance in Avengers: Endgame.

Talking about his acting and character in MCU, Chris says:

“My kids were dying to see it,” Hemsworth recalls. “I wasn’t going to take them. They were like, ‘Dad, we have to go!’ We found a small cinema so we wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

I wondered if it would hold their attention for three hours.” He pauses. “They loved it.”

His latest flick Avengers: Endgame stormed the box office with a stunning collection of $2.6 billion worldwide. Hemsworth is pulling those rare things back to back in Hollywood.

Marvel is keen on hiding the Phase 4 dates, we do know that Chris Hemsworth is still interested in playing the God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I’d still love to do more, to be honest,” Hemsworth told Variety. “And I don’t know what the plan is.

I feel like we’ve opened up such a different character. I feel more energized about the possibility of where it could go.

But I’ll use that in other places and other characters if it’s the end here.”

Thankfully for Hemsworth, Avengers: Endgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely left future writers with a clear opening to bring Thor back into the fold.

The last time Thor was seen, he was flying off into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Thor had developed a connection with Guardian’s team when he spent a lot of time in a single frame with them.

We already know, James Gunn is back on the director seat to make one more step ahead in Galaxy of Guardian franchise.

He could presumably turn it into a backdoor Thor sequel as well.

During a conversation with Variety in Los Angeles, Chris said about his relationship to his work.

“I asked Tom Cruise years ago what drove him to make certain decisions on films,” Hemsworth says.

He said, ‘I just want people to see my movies.

I don’t want to put that much blood, sweat, and tears into it, and have it come and go.’

Since a decade, Chris has earned his own stardom— he wants people to see his movies on the big screen.

“I just love the theatrical experience,” he says. “I think there’s nothing quite like it, and the industry will change in a big way if we don’t get people to the cinema.

Hemsworth working on other movies…

Onset, Hemsworth called himself “Lebowski Thor,” a reference to the slacker played by Jeff Bridges in the Coen brothers comedy.

Anthony Russo, who co-directed “Endgame” with his brother, Joe, says that Thor’s character arc was a favorite of his.

This summer will be a money making for the Australian Star when  Men in Black: International hits theaters on June 14th.

So at least he’s keeping busy while Thor is on the back burner.

“Men in Black: International,” shows Hemsworth’s character opposite Tessa Thompson as new agents in series.

It also casts Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the lead as were in previous installments.

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