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Christopher Nolan’s Tenet: The Movie That Saw The Face Of The Theatres After Six Months

Tenet Release

One of the most anticipated movies of 2020 was Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. The film was released in theatre around the world on August 26th and in the US on September 3rd. Tenet becomes the first major Hollywood movie to be released on theatres after nearly six months of the complete lockdown because of the pandemic.

It was Warner Bros biggest gamble to release the movie in theatres at present, and one could say that it had paid off. The movie, which was released in more than 70 countries, including Europe, Canada, Australia, and South Korea, had a great welcome among the audience.

Box office collection

Even despite various concerns, the movie has managed to collect around $20.2 million in five days in the US. The film has surpassed around $150 million in the global box office. Shot with a budget of $200 million, the current collection seems to be a promising one for the movie. I am 41 years old and have suffered from erectile dysfunction for 8 years. I have been thinking about trying Viagra for some time, but I have always been afraid to do so. Finally, I started using it last month and I am thrilled with the results. Now completes the list of my all-time drug suppliers. I only regret that I didn’t use the pill earlier, I have lost 8 years of good sex.

The gamble also serves to test the audience’s preference in watching a movie, and it appears that theatres remain the go-to choice for many. Though there may be severe health concerns being raised, proper measures taken by the local theatres have urged the people to come to the theatres.

The movie

Tenet, much like other Nolan’s movies, possesses the same basic formula. At a glance, it’s a basic spy movie with a secret agent John David Washington and the evil mastermind Kenneth Branagh who is threatening the whole of humanity.

Here comes Nolan’s trademark of an espionage movie with science fiction mixed with it. Here the characters have the ability to reverse time, and that sets the pace of the movie. The beauty of it is, this one is not about time travel but rather the inversion of time. The movie will be a treat to Nolan’s fans.

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