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Comparison Between Game of Thrones Dragons Vs. The Witcher’s Dragon


The Witcher is a limited-time replacement of Game of Thrones, and a lot of things appear common in these shows.

The Witcher is now fulfilling the fiction cravings of the fans after Game of Thrones ended for good. Now with a big shoe to fill, The Witcher has made sure to keep up with Game of Thrones as much as possible.

Even though GOT doesn’t go a lot on the paths of magic and monsters like that of the Witcher, it has one common creature: Dragons.

Now, the ones we saw with Daenerys Targaryen are mindless beasts who will burn to crisp everything that comes its way. But the one we saw in the Netflix show was instead a calm creature who could speak.

Pacifist Dragons

Now, many things are yet to be seen with the Dragons in the show, but as of now, we saw the Green Dragon and the intelligent and calm Golden Dragon.

The Dragons we saw in the show, particularly the Green one, died saving their eggs and the Golden one went far beyond its comfort to get people to help save the eggs.

The Golden Dragon was ready to work with humans and even turn to a human form where they suss out the situation rather than just spitting fire.

Mindless Beasts

These things would’ve never been possible with GOT dragons, they listen to no one other than Daenerys, and the only other who was able to ride them was Jon Snow.

Even though it looked majestic, terrifying, and kinda appropriate for the storyline, it still made it look like they were just mass-murdering machines.

But the Witcher explored more and made them into creatures who avoid a fight and try to live their life.

Better Adapted Creatures

With the Conjunction of Spheres, all of them were forced into one world, so they adapted in different ways, and that’s what makes The Witcher Dragons different.

But the Witcher show is just starting out and, in the books and the games, Geralt comes across other dragons too, and he has been in a fight with some, so let’s wait and see how the show writers tackle those situations.

We know that Geralt doesn’t hunt dragons, and let’s see them given us more reason why.

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