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Coolest Islands In One Piece’s East Blue

Here is everything you need to know about the coolest islands in One Piece’s East Blue.

Dawn Island

As far as East Blue islands go, arguably none have a richer history than that of Dawn Island. Monkey D. Garp, Dragon, and Luffy all called the location home at one point or another.

Dawn Island’s primary political force, Goa Kingdom — which unnecessarily destroyed Sabo’s home. Its geography serves as a microcosm for the decaying effect of the oppressive political system. This, coupled with the variety of locales that decorate its landscape, places it among One Piece’s most nuanced environments.

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Shells Town

The Marines’ negative impact on the One Piece universe is made painfully evident. Due in no small part to early-series visits to locations like Shells Town of Yotsuba Island. Large, power plant-shaped Marine towers decorate the island’s landscape.

Shells Town’s defenses seemingly insinuate that the area is frequently targeted by pirates. However, as evidenced by Luffy and Zoro, the individuals actually plaguing the island were its cowardly Marines and evil commander: Axe-Hand Morgan.

The Island Of Rare Animals

Perhaps more so than any other island in the East Blue, the Island of Rare Animals resembles that of a child’s fairy tale. The mismatched animals, man-stuck-in-a-box gimmick, and heartbreakingly empty treasure chests found in its jungle come across as more of a heart-warming parable.

Gaimon and Sarfunkel, the island’s human residents, are stuck in a treasure chest and wooden barrel. It shares the area with a large population of hybrid animals, and more odd combinations. The Straw Hats’ visit to the Island of Rare Animals may be short, but it’s a memorable excursion.

The Conomi Islands

One Piece fans are likely familiar with the Conomi Islands. They serve as the setting for the iconic Arlong Park arc, revolving around Nami’s attempts to free her village. Only three locations on the islands, Arlong Park, Gosa Village, and Cocoyasi Village, were shown during the series.

Arlong’s upheaval of Gosa, Nami’s flashbacks in Cocoyasi Village, and Luffy’s destruction of Arlong Park are all iconic One Piece moments. These moments are made possible by the excellently crafted location in which they occur: the Conomi Islands.

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Orange Town

Buggy the Clown could very well be the most colorful pirate found on the entire Grand Line. It’s only appropriate that the location he is introduced in — Orange Town — provides a backdrop worthy of his massive personality. Orange Town, features a sprawling, colonial-style cityscape that makes a perfect battleground for his first encounter against Luffy.

The self-proclaimed arch-enemy of Red-Haired Shanks relies on his signature cannon balls. The widespread layout of Orange Town is the perfect location to showcase their destructive capabilities.

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