Could Captain Marvel 2 Have an Eternals Crossover? Ms. Marvel Star Addresses Harry Styles’ MCU Intro

With Harry Styles now officially in the MCU after his appearance as Starfox in Eternals, he became the latest topic of conversation for Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani.

Styles became one of the biggest surprises in Marvel Studios’ entire Phase 4 slate, officially taking on the role of Starfox/Eros in the post-credits scene from 2021’s Eternals. With this movie being only the second big-screen appearance of his young acting career after a long run in the music industry, Styles now plays a complicated Marvel character that could prove to be important in the Eternals’ future stories.

Eternals’ diverse cast

For the time being, it’s unclear when Eros will come back after his moment in Eternals, although his presence in the MCU alone only adds to the incredible star power that keeps coming to the franchise every year.

But Styles in particular is a special addition, having an effect on some of the MCU’s younger stars with his place alongside the Marvel team.

Ms. Marvel Star Addresses Harry Styles’ MCU Intro

Captain Marvel 2 leading actress Iman Vellani shared her thoughts on seeing Harry Styles join the MCU as Eros in Marvel Studios’ Eternals.

Noting that she feels “so weird about it,” Vellani hopes to see Marvel actually work Eros/Starfox into later movies rather than just introducing him for the sake of bringing him into the story. But on top of that, she sees some potential chaos building from “all of the Harry Styles fandom” should his character continue into later movies and projects:

“Ohhh, I feel so weird about it! I don’t know. It’s strange. I wonder, I really wonder if they’re gonna go ahead and do something with the character, or if they just teased it for the sake of it. Because I know Chloe Zhao is a big Harry Styles fan. But then you have all of the Harry Styles fandom in the MCU fandom, how chaotic would that be?”

Could Captain Marvel 2 Have an Eternals Crossover?

Outside of playing Ms. Marvel in the MCU, Iman Vellani is known for being one of the franchise’s biggest fans, as she’s shown on numerous occasions over the past couple of years. From sharing her disdain for Black Bolt’s death in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to dressing up as Iron Man for Halloween, Vellani can always be counted on for a great off-screen MCU moment or quote.

Being such a young actress as well, Vellani sees some major potential for Harry Styles in the MCU, even admitting that she feels weird about the popstar-turned-actor joining the story just before she made her own debut. More than anything, she seems to hope that Eros is more than just a one-off character for director Chloé Zhao and that he’ll play a bigger role in later stories when the Eternals find their way back into the fold.

While Eternals 2 is unlikely to go into production for some time, Vellani’s Kamala Khan and the Eternals should both be key players in the MCU’s future moving forward, especially with two new Avengers movies on the horizon. Hopefully, Harry Styles will find his own path back into the narrative alongside them soon.

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