Couple Gets Married 60 Feet Underwater During Pandemic

On Monday, an Indian couple held their wedding ceremony 60 feet under the water.

S. Swetha and V. Chinnadurai, a Chennai based couple, took social distancing to the next level and got married off the coast of Neelankari.

They held their wedding ceremony by scuba diving 60 feet deep under the water when the waters were calm enough for a dive.

The groom, V. Chinnadurai, a licensed scuba diver who has years-long experience of Scuba diving, told the Times of India, “It was a tradition, only it was underwater. We dived in at an auspicious time in the morning and exchanged garlands and tied the thali before 7:30 a.m. as per instructions from our priest.”

On the other hand, the bride, S. Swetha, only had a month-long experience of scuba diving, that too she learned for the wedding.

She said, “I was nervous, and so were my parents, but we had eight divers with us. It was exciting too because we’ve been trying to tie the knot since last week. It was all in the hands of the sea.”

The wedding ceremony was a complete success. It was a unique way to get married during the Pandemic.

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