Is D the real Shiraori? So I’m a Spider So What

D is the overarching antagonist of the series So I’m a Spider So What. However, much information about the character remains a mystery. She is an enigma.

D is the most mysterious character in So I’m a Spider So What. We are first introduced to D in Episode 7 when she creates a wisdom skill for Shiraori after Shiraori complains about her appraisal skill. Her presence terrifies Shiraori as it implies that she is an omnipresent entity.

She appears again in Episode 9 where she contacts Shiraori through a cellphone. She, however, cuts the call after briefly speaking to Shiraori. D remains a mystery to all anime viewers. However, manga and light novel readers are aware of her identity.

As per the two sources, D is a high-ranking goddess. The explosion that started it all was an attempt by the previous Demon Lord and Hero to kill her. D placed a curse on the world which turned the world into an RPG system.

She also created Shiraori or Kumuko by giving a random spider the memories of Wakaba Hiiro. She finds Shiraori entertaining and often helps her.

All of this is a result of her wanting to slack off from her godly duties. However, the major plot twist is that Shiraori is D. Hiiro Wakaba is the human incarnation of D. She was disguised as a classmate.

It is implied that she is an otaku and was bullied in school. However, it is later revealed that she was the most beautiful girl in class and was bullied because her bullies were jealous.

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