Dandadan Chapter 27 Release Date and Spoilers


Dandadan has been quite an eccentric and erratic joyride so far. After a long under and above water fight with the aliens, the trio is caught up with a kappa looking alien. What will happen in the next chapter?

To know more, scroll down to take a look at all the necessary information you need before the release of the chapter.

Dandadan Chapter 27 Release Date:

Chapter 27 of Dandadan is all set to release on October 4, 2021. And there has been no information about any delay so we can expect it to be on time.

Dandadan Chapter 26 Recap:

Okarun and Momo were having a sweet conversation when Momo’s friends barged in the infirmary. Both of them have questions on why they were naked in the school. Momo says that they won’t understand so it’s better to not talk about it.

But Kana wasn’t content with the answer. So through her super deductive skills, she came to a conclusion that Shiratori and Momo were fighting for Ken. 

On the other hand, all of Shiratori’s classmates were consoling her and held Momo responsible for everything. Amidst all the trash talking about Momo, Shiratori confesses that she was the one who spread rumours about her.

After the confession, she goes and sits on one of the benches behind the school. Surprisingly, Momo also arrives there and she infers that Shiratori couldn’t lie. Then she teases her a bit and out of nowhere, the kappa-looking boxer alien comes up for a fight but collapses due to exhaustion and injuries.

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After regaining consciousness, he finds itself all bandaged up and there’s some food too. Then, he bows down and promises not to ever hurt Ayase, Okarun, and Shiratori.

What can you expect from the next chapter?

We will most probably get a glimpse on the alien’s backstory along with the reveal of who’s Chiquittia. In my opinion, it looks like an offspring of the kappa looking alien. Although Dandadan is a horror comedy thriller, it can get pretty emotional at times. Maybe, it is one of those moments that we will get in the next chapter.

Where can you read Dandadan?

The latest chapters of Dandadan are available on Viz as well as MangaPlus. You can easily read them for free there.


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