Dandadan Chapter 32 Release Date and Spoilers

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The wacky chapter of Dandadan strikes again, charming its readers and developing the dynamics of Okkarun and Momo. Meanwhile, neatly laying comic undertones in the process so that it doesn’t make the manga too goofy. And hey, this is all we want – the subtle madness imbued with slice of life and dramatic aspects.

Dandadan Chapter 32 is on its way and fans can’t contain the excitement. As the next chapter might start the arc of the exorcism of the cursed spirit in Jiji’s home. Here is every detail you need to get ready for yet another insane chapter.

Dandadan Chapter 32 Release Date:

Dandadan Chapter 32 is all set to release on November 15, 2021. You can expect it to be on time as there’s no information regarding any delays.

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A Recap of Dandadan Chapter 31:

The chapter begins with Okkarun and Momo begging grandma to let Hana live in her house. After a few puh-leeeases, she agrees to keep Hana in. Although there’s just one condition – to not bother the neighbors when she and Taro meet.

Then she quickly moves on to the important topic i.e. what about Okkarun’s nut Momo saw? Turns out, it was just a christmas ornament and not Okkaru’s long lost ball. All said and done, Momo’s grandma goes to make dinner. 

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While Momo is preparing the table, Jiji compliments her on how strong she was back then in the fight. He also praises Okkarun for his amazing transformation and then moves on to help Momo with putting up the table.

Seeing how happy Momo looks, Okkarun gets a bit insecure and remembers Taro and Hana’s intimate bond. He awkwardly tries to express his feelings towards Momo while Jiji sings along with him. 

Meanwhile, Momo’s grandma tells Momo to pack her stuff as she was going to Jiji’s to exorcise the curse. Okkarun upon hearing that gets shocked but Momo reassures him by saying that he’s also coming with them. 

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On the other hand, there are these kids roaming around in school for fun and out of nowhere see an anatomical body running. It was Taro going to meet her love, Hana; on his way, he got hit by a truck. While Hana keeps waiting for Taro, Momo falls asleep and when she opens her eyes, Taro is quite rejoiced to see her love.

Cut to the next panel, it seems like Jiji isn’t over the spirit he saw back in his home. He is literally petrified as he wakes up and seems quite horrified and troubled.

What Can You Expect From Dandadan Chapter 32?

The exorcism of the cursed spirit in Jiji’s home will likely start from the next chapter. Maybe, we would get to see the trio arrive at their destination by the end of the chapter.

jiji's nightmare dandadan chapter 31

In addition to that, Dandadan Chapter 32 might also focus on the development of Okkaarun and Momo’s relationship. I hope it does because it’s a good opportunity to explore the dynamics between them.

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Where To Read It?

The latest chapters of Dandadan can be read on Viz and Shueisha’s MangaPlus


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