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Daredevil vs The Punisher- The Moral Debate

Who are Daredevil and the Punisher

Matt Murdock aka Daredevil is a lawyer by day and a vigilante by night who’s blind but can hear and feel things that others don’t; basically he’s a blind masked hero with powers. He’s also considered an ideal hero as he doesn’t believe he’s got the right to take lives, especially because it would take away their chances for redemption as per his catholic belief.

Matt Murdock aka Daredevil and Frank Castle aka The Punisher.

Frank Castle aka The Punisher, a former marine special forces soldier who is a medal of honor recipient for his service to the country. He doesn’t have any powers other than of course he’s a scout sniper whose slogan is “One shot One kill”, and he’s the best marine soldier fighter that literally took down an army of 30 single-handedly. He gets into the superhero business with a vengeance to find the people responsible for his family’s murder. He doesn’t handover them to the police; instead, he just shoots them. He’s got his own justification for the same but many people find it really itching because he kills.

Arguments for Daredevil

Remember the scene where Foggy gets in the middle of two gangsters and talked it out when they were about to kill each other on a misunderstanding; nobody died or got hurt. Redemption is possible to any sinner and when we kill that person, he doesn’t get a chance to redeem or to ask forgiveness and maybe make up for all the sins he’s done. Also handing the culprits over to the representatives of law and wait for the slow wheels of justice to take action is the right thing to do as a responsible citizen, it’ll also not make the police look dumb.

Arguments against Daredevil


In a city like hell’s kitchen where people who commit crimes are part of an bigger organization who have resources enough to influence the law, and it’s officers. Killing them would be better, because even if they’re turned in to the police, chances are they get out the next day and end up committing another murder which could’ve been actually stopped if the daredevil just didn’t let him go. It’s not very catholic but if it’ll save the life of an innocent mother, then killing might be right thing to do.

Arguments for the Punisher

A trained shooter and smart enough to identify the right culprit, it’s the punisher’s way that is ideal for people associated with drug cartels or rapists or serial killers. The killing of a rapist or the serial killers would save the lives of a 100 humans which otherwise couldn’t be possible in a state structure that’s filled with corruption. His own experience could prove it as a powerful organization like the CIA could easily get away with murders like that of his family. The officers of law couldn’t actually do nothing in order to bring them to justice, but killing them is really the only justice to his family.

Arguments against the Punisher


It’s true that he’s a trained shooter, but even the most trained people could make mistakes like a teenager who might have come to the dealers to purchase a pouch gets shot. Well, the probability of such instances can not be completely denied. Also, the instance where someone sends the punisher to kill his competitors by manipulating him and using his vengeance against him is also a valid example of things might go wrong in the punisher’s way of justice. Like a wise man said, “If everyone starts taking an eye for an eye, well the world would end up blind”.

As the shows are currently not up for renewal, we wouldn’t know if there’ll be any changes in these two superheroes way of justice. But as far as the comics go both brought justice to people as deserved.


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