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Dawn and Piplup are back!! Pokemon Master Journeys!!

dawn and piplup

Dawn and her companion Pokemon Piplup are returning for summer special episodes. This is the first time in 9 years. Megumi Toyoguschi will play Dawn. The episodes will air on July 23 and 30.

The summer special episodes also feature the Pokemons Darkrai and Cresselia. The special episodes are taking place in the Sinnoh Region.

Dawn and Piplup is a lovable duo in the series. Both characters had major developments throughout the Diamond and Pearl Anime. Dawn was able to become a successful Coordinator and Piplup a more mature and obedient Pokemon.

Piplup is also part of a running gag in the Diamond and Pearl series. The gag involves Ash’s Gible using Draco Meteor with Piplup being the main target.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series Premiered on Tokyo TV in November 2019. This is two days after the Pokemon Sword and Shield games were shipped worldwide.

Netflix is streaming the series.  They were streaming since March 5. Netflix will stream the 24th season of the Pokemon anime as early as the summer of this year.

Pokemon Journeys delayed their new episodes due to the Pandemic but resumed airing last June. Pokemon Journeys follows Ash and Goh as they travel through all eight regions of the world including Galar.

Finales from the earlier games appear sooner in the series. The series also breaks the typecast of the earlier shows. Memorable areas from the games are also included in the many episodes of the anime. Supporting characters are Professor Cerise and her granddaughter Chloe.

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