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Deadpool 3 Production Comes to a Halt; Strike Has Heavily Impacted The MCU

DeadPool 3

Disney has shut down production on one of the biggest upcoming MCU movies amid the actors’ strike in Hollywood.

Marvel had to shutter work on a number of MCU projects because of the ongoing writers’ strike, including three that were filming.

But the Marvel Studios machine is about to come to a complete halt as SAG-AFTRA (the union representing over 160,000 TV and film actors worldwide) begins its job action.

Leading into the SAG strike there were only two MCU projects left with cameras rolling, Captain America: Brave New World and the Ryan Reynolds-led Deadpool 3.

Deadpool 3 Production Comes to a Halt

Following the commencement of the SAG-AFTRA strike production on the upcoming Deadpool 3 has been shut down.

As reported by Variety, this is the first major production to be impacted by the job action.

This is Marvel Studios’ biggest project currently in production and stopping production will seemingly be a major financial blow to Disney, as it will likely now have to be delayed.

With a ‘mind-blowing’ Multiversal cast from across Marvel history, and a story bigger than any of the two prior Deadpool films, Deadpool 3 was shaping up to be a major box office hit for the studio.

However, now it will sit on ice until a new deal can be reached between the studios and the actors.

This comes mere weeks after the Deadpool threequel was actually pushed up the MCU slate amid some Marvel Studios release date shakeups.

How the Strike Will Impact the MCU

Surely, this Deadpool 3 production shutdown is just the first domino to fall when it comes to the actors’ strike and the MCU.

After moving ahead with filming despite having writers on set, Deadpool 3 now must shut down as it no longer has actors that can work.

Next will likely be Captain America 4 following suit and halting its production.

Then, it is a matter of how long the SAG-AFTRA strike goes on to see what other sort of consequences may be on the way for the super-powered franchise.

The MCU has already been through a series of delays as it reshuffles its release lineup. But if filming for these projects can’t commence and – with the writers on strike as well – if future titles cannot be written, everything is going to have to get further and further down the line.

Plus, another aspect of this strike will be the very different promotional cycle Marvel Studios’ shows and movies will have to go through. Gone will be the cast interviews and quotes leading into a particular project, as the actors are not allowed to participate in promoting their work during strike action.

That means if the work stoppage goes long enough, titles like Loki Season 2, Echo, and The Marvels will have to go into release without the help of any of their stars.

And what happens when Marvel Studios clears its chamber? When everything it has banked has been released without anything to get fans excited on the horizon?

The most likely scenario is nothing. In that scenario, fans will just have to wait until the strike is over and Marvel’s biggest movies can get back in front of the camera.

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